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Our Children's Futures Depend On It.


We are all privileged to live in this beautiful planet called Earth; however, everything that the current generation takes for granted is under threat. That’s why teenagers all around the world are taking a stand and marching for climate action and environmental justice in a newly-founded movement called This Is Zero Hour. Enough is Enough!

Support our youth. Read this important article by a 15-year-old youth organizer for London's March.


CLICK To visit the Zero Hour Website

Most Recent Articles

Enough is Enough – The Zero Hour Youth-Led Climate March by Oscar Glancy

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Sizing Up – Why Are Our Kids Getting So Fat? By Dr. Diana Fatayerji, M.S., Ph.D.

Most of us are aware that the incidence of childhood obesity has increased. Is this something we should be concerned about? As parents we face concerns for our children over alcohol, drugs, sex and bullying. Does obesity merit the same concern? In 2002 the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showed that 15.5% of children [...]

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Preview: Parenting Begins Before Conception – Your Childhood wounds by Carista Luminare

“Parenting forms children’s core beliefs about themselves. Nothing could be more important. The future of the world depends on our children’s conception of themselves. All their choices depend on their view of themselves… There is a crisis in the family today. It has to do with our parenting rules and the multigenerational process by which families perpetuate these rules.” – John Bradshaw

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PREVIEW: What Your Children Can Teach You – If You Let Them Part 1 By Dr. Allan Hunter

A baby has nearly perfect self-esteem. If it wants comfort and love, it makes noises and eventually yells for comfort and love. This is the powerful message the Innocent can teach us: f you want something, ask for it directly; and when you do so, make sure that what you’re asking for actually is concerned with love and comfort – and not some shiny consumer toy.

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The Spiritual Principles of Parenting Part 5 The Ascendant Principle – Your Child’s Ethical Being by Dr. Connie Kaplan

This series of articles is predicated on the answer to three provocative questions: What if you had a document that described your child’s gift to the world? What if you could look at that document and know Who She Is? Would that change the choices you make in parenting this child? I think so.

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Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Do What You’re Told!’ by Sarah MacLaughlin, LSW

Do you want to be told what to do? I haven't found a single person who likes it. Whether you're 4 or 40, it's generally not a favorite. I know you still need your kids to follow directions, I really do. But the old ways of getting kids to do what they're told are rooted [...]

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