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PREVIEW: Mikki Willis – A Father’s Message that Crossed the World by Judy Julin

When award-winning filmmaker and cinema-tographer, Mikki Willis, posted a video of himself and his sons on Facebook, he had no idea that he was about to become a global sensation. Mikki’s video, with the message “How would you feel if your son chose this?” went viral, shared by millions around the world. Since Mikki, who founded Elevate Family, shares the same parenting philosophies as all of us at IP Magazine, we asked our publisher, Judy Julin, to interview him....

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Princess Platypus and the Vagabond Turtles by Kathleen Jacoby

Princess Platypus is a pure delight. She sits on a log and reads sonnets at night. She is young and rambunctious from the clan known as Django Her father, a builder, makes dams at an angle That are tight and just right. A beaver’s delight! The Vagabond Turtles, an itinerant band, Float here and there throughout uncharted land And drift on their backs as they meander down streams Singing songs of ambition, of riddles and dreams These are The...

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Raising Intuitive Children by Dr. Caron Goode

Which Type of Intuitive Intelligence Does Your Child Have? Children with creative or empathic temperament traits could be highly skilled or gifted specifically in intuitive intelligences in the same way that others have a talent for math or languages. Intuitive kids learn through feeling like other children learn best through looking or listening. They are attuned to their inner rhythms and seem out-of-synch with the rest of their peers. They are creative, entrepreneurial children, influential networkers, friendly, and even...

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Top 10 Tips for Parenting ADHD & Spirited Kids by Lara Honos-Webb

1. Advocate for your child. This means you need to “spin” your child’s behavior to friends, family and teachers. Has your child’s antics been any worse than our leading politicians? Probably not. Imagine the spinmeisters on talk shows who try to get their politicians elected. Do the same for your child. Coach your child to name and feel ok with all their emotions. Kids act bad when they are mad, sad or “ascared.” When you coach your child to...

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The Spiritual Principles of Parenting: Participation Trophies for Parents by Connie Kaplan

What if you had a document that described your child’s gift? What if you could look at that document and know Who She Is. Would that change the choices you make in parenting this child? I think so. This article explains why. The current social media conversation about whether or not children should receive participation trophies for their various activities has evoked lots of inner conversations in my mind about parenting. Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences), in the...

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Healing ADD: Simple Exercises That Will Change Your Daily life by Thom Hartmann

Healing ADD is perhaps Thom Hartmann’s most powerful self-help book for adults and children with ADHD. It presents simple methods involving visualization and positive thinking that can be readily picked up by adults and taught to children with ADD. Those with ADD will learn to see their lives and the world around them differently. A series of instructions guides readers through transformational exercises that enable them to see, hear, and feel their own past behavior in a new and...

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Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness By Mariaemma Willis

Celebrate the child you have. Don’t be regretful that you didn’t get a different one. Don’t be discouraged because the one you have would be wonderful, if only… Celebrate your child’s skills, accomplishments, and uniqueness. If you don’t celebrate them, neither will he. Infants and toddlers have different temperaments, different skills, and different needs for noise, quiet, warmth, sleep, food, etc. These differences are a child’s marks of distinction. As new parents we eagerly celebrate the defining traits of...

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Breaking the Command-Resistance Cycle By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Margaret Townsend watched as her new principal, Brian Ashton, filled several legal pad pages with notes during his contractual observation of her. She kept one eye on what she was doing with the fourth graders and another eye on the administrator as he scribbled endlessly across the pages. Margaret wasn’t too worried about the evaluation process because it happened every two years and her evaluations had always been excellent. Yet, the principal was new and she really didn’t know...

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Videos we love this week

How Would You Feel if Your Son Chose This?

When award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer Mikki Willis posted the video on the right on his Facebook page, he had no idea that he was about to become a global sensation. Mikki’s video went viral, shared by millions around the world.

An abridged version of Judy Julin's interview with Mikki appears in the premiere issue of Inspired Parenting Print Magazine. The full version can be read in our Member's Premium Area.

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