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Preview: Parenting Begins Before Conception – Your Childhood wounds by Carista Luminare

“Parenting forms children’s core beliefs about themselves. Nothing could be more important. The future of the world depends on our children’s conception of themselves. All their choices depend on their view of themselves… There is a crisis in the family today. It has to do with our parenting rules and the multigenerational process by which families perpetuate these rules.” – John Bradshaw Your Relationship with Your Parents From the moment you were born, you were a being with a...

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PREVIEW: What Your Children Can Teach You – If You Let Them Part 1 By Dr. Allan Hunter

Some years ago there was a book that everyone seemed to be giving everyone else at around Christmas, called “All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” and its down-home wisdom and whimsical style charmed many. After all, there are many basic understandings about social life that we take in at that tender age, such as to share things, take time for a nap, be nice, and so on, which is about all I retain from the...

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Parenting with Passion: Do What You Love The Children Will Follow by Dr. Lara Honos-Webb

What’s a mama to do with so many parenting philosophies to choose from and activities available to keep your kids up to par? You can’t possibly take your child to swim lessons, music classes, soccer games, and boy scouts every single week. In regards to parenting philosophies, most parents come up against the debate of attachment parenting vs. mainstream discipline. There is no right answer to these questions. Attachment parenting can be wonderfully freeing to parents who aren’t comfortable...

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The Spiritual Principles of Parenting Part 5 The Ascendant Principle – Your Child’s Ethical Being by Dr. Connie Kaplan

This series of articles is predicated on the answer to three provocative questions: What if you had a document that described your child’s gift to the world? What if you could look at that document and know Who She Is? Would that change the choices you make in parenting this child? I think so. That document can be created through the system called the invisible garment. I teach an extraordinary spiritual viewpoint about human incarnation as described in my...

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BOOK EXCERPT: The Only 3 Discipline Strategies You Will Ever Need by Chick Moorman & Thomas Haller

Are you tired of listening to whining, put-downs, excuse giving, back talk, exaggeration, interrupting, teasing, gossip, or other unproductive behaviors on the part of your children? Have you had your fill of watching them talk with their mouth full; use their hands instead of silverware to eat; hit or kick siblings; waste material; or leave their belongings scattered around the house? If so, the One-Minute Behavior Modifier is for you. This quick and highly effective discipline strategy is a...

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Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Do What You’re Told!’ by Sarah MacLaughlin, LSW

Do you want to be told what to do? I haven’t found a single person who likes it. Whether you’re 4 or 40, it’s generally not a favorite. I know you still need your kids to follow directions, I really do. But the old ways of getting kids to do what they’re told are rooted in fear and shame: demand, command, spank, yell, use time-out, take away privileges and impose other consequences. Despite many cultural shifts, we have not...

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Nurturing and Nourishing our Children’s Souls by Gina Mazza

As we make an earnest personal commitment to run towards this great adventure called Life with a greater sense of self-awareness, doing so positively impacts everything in our midst—especially our rela­tionships. For me, a major earthly priority for becoming more aware is to be the best mother possible. As a mom, my imperative is to nurture and nourish these little souls who incarnate to learn and grow—and to suffer, because we cannot learn without this part of life. It’s...

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Autism, Allergies and Gluten by Dr. Diana Fatayerji

Can eliminating certain foods from the diet improve autistic symptoms such as social withdrawal, repetitive behavior, communication difficulties, anxiety and hyperactivity? Most parents know that what they feed their children affects them in one way or another. Foods and chemicals do not just affect the digestive tract. They have a direct impact on our mood, brain and behavior. For example, caffeine can make us feel energized, while food dyes and food additives can cause hyperactivity, skin problems and asthma....

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An Aromatic Valentine by Steffany Kaminski

Communicating through scent and touch can be quite sensual and exhilarating. No matter if you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your relationship or not, it is a reminder to look closer at the connection we have to our loved one. Are we taking the time to hear their needs, to give thanks for their presence in our lives and how they enhance our life experience? How are we showing and receiving love and gratitude? Using scent to express...

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7 Steps to Teach Children to Manage Stress by Dr. Caron B. Goode

Traditionally, childhood is a time of carefree summers spent with best friends, trips to amusement parks and Saturday matinees at the movies. But for many children, it’s also a time of great stress. In fact, stress—those overwhelming feelings of doubt about ourselves or our ability to handle things—is as common in children as adults. The greatest challenge to parents today is teaching children to manage stress effectively. Children may react to excess stress with behavior that seems immature, inappropriate,...

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Letter to George Lucas Pays Surprising

Dividends for 2 Young Star Wars Fans

Young Logan Moret and his friend Ryan had an idea to create a Star Wars video game and decided that they needed to let George Lucas know about it. So they wrote him this letter on the left and sent him this video on the right.

Imagine how surprised and thrilled Logan and Ryan were when a huge box showed up at Logan's house filled with Star Wars gear and George Lucas’s appreciation for their support.

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