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5 Steps to Releasing G.U.I.L.T. by Kacey Hartung

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Adolescence: The Hero’s journey by Maggie Dent

This article explores adolescence from a transpersonal place that may defy both logic and intelligence. I have been fascinated by the journeys that have been chosen consciously, or unconsciously, by adolescents and then to see the person they become later in life. Often the individuals who took the risks and were burnt by fire, who [...]

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When Will My Second Baby Get Here and How Do I Cope? by Janet Philbin

Are you ready for your next baby and are you having a hard time conceiving?  I want to talk about secondary infertility, a topic that does not get much space in parenting magazines.  Secondary infertility is defined by Resolve (The National Infertility Organization) as, “The inability to conceive or have a full-term pregnancy after having [...]

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Patient Parenting by Joree Rose

I remember seeing a quote when I was pregnant with my first daughter that said, “The goal of parenting is to raise a well-adjusted, secure adult; a happy childhood is a bonus.” This quote really stuck with me because I realized most parents focus on the early parts of parenting…getting through the baby stages, sleeping [...]

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The Benefits of a Psychologically Healthy Parent by Carista Luminare

It need not be said that preparing for parenthood is a major life initiation. It is a personal and provocative journey and involves much soul-searching. When embracing a holistic health perspective to preconception health care, your psychological wellness is as important as that of your body and spirit. Standing on the threshold of parenthood, now [...]

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Mindful Self-Care for the New Year by Madiha Saeed, MD

A wave is coming. Can you feel its building momentum? Each new year brings with it an upsurge of new intentions, past regrets, and over-extended to-do lists. You have two options on setting the tone for the new year; to be swallowed up whole, struggling for air, not knowing if you will make it out of [...]

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Minding Mary Poppins by Judy Julin

Mary Poppins was the quintessential nanny - task-driven, committed to keeping the kids engaged and fit, and tough as they come. She knew the fundamental importance of getting the kids out of their rooms and into the fresh air, and she always had a batch of mood-shifting songs and tricks to share from deep within [...]

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Peace By Piece – Mindful Self-Compassion by Amanda Votto

Years ago, my concept of “self-care” consisted of getting massages, drinks with friends, and going on a good ol’ shopping spree. However, about six years ago, I found myself in a state of pure exhaustion - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained. This state of depletion was the catalyst for my personal growth and rebirth. [...]

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Intuitive Aromatherapy: The Power of Self Care by Steffany Kaminski

Happy New Year! I am guessing many of you are feeling run down, a little lost without the large to-do list of holiday shopping and probably a little dehydrated. How many of you decided to take care of yourself in the last month by eating and sleeping well, massage, exercise, Reiki, or even journaling? Were [...]

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Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness By Mariaemma Willis

Celebrate the child you have. Don’t be regretful that you didn’t get a different one. Don’t be discouraged because the one you have would be wonderful, if only… Celebrate your child’s skills, accomplishments, and uniqueness. If you don’t celebrate them, neither will he.

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Listen in as the beloved Youth and Family Director of Agape International addresses a dad’s concern over his son’s addiction to the internet and his devices. Send in your questions and win a year’s subscription to IP Magazine.

Dr. Leon Campbell has been mentoring youth and families for over 30 years. He’s the Life Advisor that Parents & Teens Trust