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Emily the Elephant by Kathleen Jacoby

Emily the Elephant had been wiggly from the time she was born. She loved to wave her trunk in all sorts of ways…flowing motions, jerky motions, whatever way she felt in the moment. She would hum as she meandered along paths, knocking things off trees, breaking branches, swatting her friends by mistake, and generally causing problems with her uncontrolled behavior. In music class, Emily was made to sit apart from her classmates, because she would seem unruly with her...

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How Your Child’s Breathing is Affecting its Facial Development by Anders Olsson

Let’s face it we all want our children to grow up to be healthy and attractive. This desire is reflected in the vast amount of money parents invest in straightening their children’s teeth. But straight teeth alone do not create a good-looking face. And even good genes don’t guarantee that a child will grow up to be attractive. For as the images below illustrate, how your child breathes dictates how it’s jaw, teeth, chin, cheekbones, and even its lips...

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Collaborative Parenting: Picking Your Battles with Michael McNeill and Angela Catenaro McNeill

Picking Your Battles: How we learned to let go and trust our child’s decision (that we so wanted him not to make.)  Mike’s perspective: One sunny day in July of 2013, while driving home with my oldest son from his weekly guitar lesson, we were having a discussion about his need to practice throughout the week. Elliot was two months into his six-month prepaid lessons. During our back and forth banter, I said to Elliot if he didn`t practice...

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Actually, There is Something Under the Bed By Michelle Cohen Part 1: Get it Out in the Open

Is your child afraid of the dark? Michelle Cohen has designed a simple yet effective protocol based on decades of experience working with concerned families whose children suffer from unexplained terrors. Actually, There is Something Under the Bed is her book created to empower children and parents alike. Through easy to follow and fun exercises, the family learns together that they have more command than they realized in any creepy circumstance. Michelle emphasizes that it doesn’t matter if what...

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4 Steps to Reducing Agression in your Child By Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman

Are you struggling with a child who bites and throws toys? Do you get frequent calls from school about your son’s aggressive behavior in the classroom and on the playground? Do you feel like screaming at your daughter when you see her hit a sibling? Do you see the hitting, kicking, and punching between your children day after day and fear that it won’t ever stop? Are you tired of having to tell one of your children to leave...

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Why End of the Year School Awards May Not Be a Good Thing By Mariaemma Willis, M.S.

The last day of school often celebrates the many accomplishments that have been achieved throughout the year with class parties and awards ceremonies. How many of you remember receiving awards and what that felt like? How many of you never once received a school award…what did that feel like? I happen to have the perfect learning style formula that made me an A student from the time I started kindergarten. Every year, I received award after award. I remember...

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Intuitive Aromatherapy – Using Your Inner Guidance for Healing by Steffany Kaminski

“Matter is Spiritual in the perfume of plants.”—Rudolph Steiner Using your intuition when choosing the right plant medicine can offer new profound healing experiences. Building a relationship with the plants you are using will deepen your connection to nature and yourself. There are so many ways to use plants to heal. Tinctures, extracts, teas, poultices, infused oils and vinegars, essential oils, and of course food. Becoming familiar with the ways plants can be used and why we use them...

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Why Micro Moments Matter: Connecting with Kids By Maggie Dent

Most parents would never question that they love their children wholeheartedly — even when their little darling has done a lipstick drawing on the wall, won’t eat their vegies or sleep in their own bed, or thumps their brother. Even though we might get annoyed, we still love them absolutely. However, children don’t always feel our love because ‘love’ is a difficult concept for children and even teens to grasp. In a way, children see love as connection —...

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What Your Children Can Teach You – If You Let Them Part 1 By Dr Allan Hunter

Some years ago there was a book that everyone seemed to be giving everyone else at around Christmas, called “All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” and its down-home wisdom and whimsical style charmed many. After all, there are many basic understandings about social life that we take in at that tender age, such as to share things, take time for a nap, be nice, and so on, which is about all I retain from the...

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The Spiritual Principles of Parenting: Pt 2 The Soul – A Unified Field of Consciousness by Dr. Connie Kaplan

In the first article in this series, subtitled Participation Trophies for Parents, I asked a fairly provocative question: What if you had a document that described your child’s gift to the world? What if you could look at that document and know Who She Is. Would that change the choices you make in parenting this child? I think so. I then went on to explain that I teach a unique spiritual cosmology, which is described in my book, The...

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Videos we love this week

Count on kids to Melt Your Heart

Left: Teacher starts every day complimenting his students
Chris Ulmer begins each day at Keystone Academy in Jacksonville, FL, complimenting every student because: “Simple reminders of their positive attributes shifts [the students'] focus from what they can’t do to what they can do.”

Right: They Put a Pre-School in a Nursing Home
And you'd be hard pressed to know who had the most fun.

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