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A Child Gives Birth to a Mother By Bela Kotwani

kotwani_child_gives_birth_to_motherThere is not a perfect guide to parenting or to be a perfect mom. Each mom or parent wants the best for their child. They would like to do their best in making their child’s journey smooth and easy, not realizing that what will make the child strong is whenever he is in a situation/problem, he learns to reason, question and come out with his own solutions. Let your child learn to be a thinker and try solving his own situation or problem. If you feel that your child has not made the correct decision, you may probe the child to re-think, but let him come out with a better solution and not necessarily the solution you as a parent desire. In a nutshell. Avoid spoon-feeding the child.

Being a Mother is not easy…. but then who said it was. It is a responsibility to raise a good human being. Can just getting a degree be called education? We pay so much attention to academics and in turn, we teach the child to BE HUMAN

What does being human mean?

Be a role model for your child.

Encourage your child to be grateful

Inspire your child to realise his true potential

Nurture your child with values of kindness

Gentle words to be used while upbringing your child.

Help those in need.

Understand what others are going through.

Make your child experience the joy of giving.

Always put yourself in other people’s shoes.

Nice behavior is infectious – Infect as many as you can

Inculcating the above values will take him a long way, as your child would have learnt the magic of bringing a smile to other’s faces.

Bela_Kotwani_thumbBELA KOTWANI
is  one of our International Contributing Editors for India. She completed her Early Childhood Care and Education from Sadhana Education Society in 1989 after gaining her BA in Commerce, and has 21 years of teaching and administrative experience at Arya Vidya Mandir. She has nurtured more than 2000 children in her career so far.  In 2012, Bela co-founded Cosmikids India—a Preschool, Day Care and an After School Activity Centre, with her brother, Rakesh.

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