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Actually, There is Something Under the Bed by Michelle Cohen Part 3: If Something Feels Wrong

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000448_00011]Is your child afraid of the dark? Michelle Cohen has designed a simple yet effective protocol based on decades of experience working with concerned families whose children suffer from unexplained terrors. Actually, There is Something Under the Bed is her book created to empower children and parents alike. Through easy to follow and fun exercises, the family learns together that they have more command than they realized in any creepy circumstance. Michelle emphasizes that it doesn’t matter if what scares children is real or imagined; the bottom line is—something is causing fear, so tackle that. In this three-part series featuring excerpts from the book, Michelle explains how to help a frightened child share his or her experience, along with several constructive ways to find power and control over the situation. Then she shares how children as well as adults can get rid of any unwanted energy in their environment.

If something feels wrong

A good way to assess if there is something out of alignment is to understand that no one out of human form can or will assist without being asked first. So if there is ever any voice or entity that hands you information or tells you things without you having asked first, that is a surefire way to recognize that something is amiss.

When people say there is someone or something talking to them or telling them what to do, that is an indication there is something incorrect about how they are accessing ‘otherworldly’ information. I hesitate to call it what many people do. It is not demons, possession, or evil, per se, but it is certainly not Higher Consciousness whose sole mission is to assist you in gaining your highest consciousness while in a human form.

Remember, you are always the one in power. Once you know that, it becomes the ultimate truth. It is only when you do not own or even know about that power that you can get into trouble. So whenever something feels not quite right or you are feeling fear, remember — fear and love cannot coexist.

The simple thing to do in those situations is to either say out loud ‘I love you’ or ‘Do you love me?’ and watch the energy scurry away. Or just as easily, fill your heart with love and radiate it out into the world. Dark does not exist in the light.

So the more light you are, the more dark will stay away.

It is truly that simple.

Many times, while going about your day, you also may pick up on energies that are not yours and you don’t even notice that they have attached themselves to you. Water is a wonderful way to consciously detach from them. Take a shower or bath or it can be as simple as washing your hands and clapping with the intention of severing anything that is not yours from your energy field.

Many people also do what is known as cord cutting. Cord cutting is imagining, seeing, feeling, or just knowing that you exist on another plane and a cord is attached from you to another person. If you no longer wish to be attached, simply imagine a knife or sword cutting swiftly through it and severing that tie. You can even do a generic exercise, where you just feel all of the cords attached to you that no longer serve you and ask for them to be severed. You can either do it yourself or ask for higher ‘entities’ to serve you in that way and they will cut the cords for you.

Remember to breathe while doing this and give great thanks afterwards for whatever service these attachments brought you that you no longer need.

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MICHELLE COHEN is a multi-faceted producer/writer/director and a deeply skilled intuitive who connects her diverse talents using a fully-toned funny bone. Her work has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR, and in People, Entertainment Weekly, and the Washington Post.

Michelle produced the off–Broadway megahit, Schoolhouse Rock Live!, an adaptation of the ABC Emmy Award-winning cartoon, and her published books include Actually, There is Something Under the Bed, Of Course You Can Sing! and MenOpop (A Menopause Pop-up and Activity Book). She also has created The Intuition Tool Kit an online program for discovering and honing your internal guidance system. Michelle is also the ‘voice of nursery rhymes’ in Japan, having designed an online program bonding Japanese mothers with their children through creative, imaginative interpretations of English language stories.

Michelle has worked extensively as a vocal coach, serving as an adjunct faculty member at several acting schools, including NYU. Most recently she was invited to be a guest speaker for UCLA’s MFA Acting Program.

In her career as an intuitive, Michelle Michelle helps her clients discover quality choices that set them on their unique and personal path.