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Head Start Conference – The Next Generation of Opportunity


IP had a wonderful week in mid-May in Nashville with over 4,000 attendees at the 43rd Annual National Head Start Conference and Expo. Our first experience at a NHSA conference was exciting, fruitful and fun. And, by all accounts from the feedback we received, our time there was highly successful and engaging for the attendees we interfaced with either at our standing room only 3 hour presentation or through the interviews we conducted with parents, teachers, policy council members, directors and Head Start staff from around the country.

Several things became very clear; attendees loved the conference, they think the world of Head Start and really appreciate the work they do.

headstart1Inspired Parenting editor-in-chief, Sandra Sedgbeer, and publisher, Judy Julin, gave a presentation on “Highly Sensitive, Uniquely Energized and Challenged Youth,” featuring 12 video interviews with specialists from the IP team including authors, brain researchers, school administrators, energy therapists, self-care specialists, parent education directors, psychoneurologists and moms, all with something to say about interfacing with and supporting the youth of today.

Each Inspired Parenting workshop engages the whole brain, incorporates multi-sensory learning, the ancient art of storytelling, hands-on activities headstart3and practical take-home strategies that can be implemented right away. Workshop attendees at times drive their own learning, listen to multiple perspectives on the same issue and share experiences with individuals throughout the room.

Inspired Parenting (IP) presentations encourage a flow of conversation between participants, facilitate broad audience participation and enable a more sustained discussion on topics. The goal is the creation of an open forum in which the attendees generate a portion of the discussion and knowledge sharing. The presenter at times becomes a facilitator, inviting responses to comments and questions from those around the room and letting the audience dictate some aspects of the conversation engendering an atmosphere of collaborative learning.

IP has field-tested its unique style of presenting to over a dozen Head Start audiences made up of parents, teachers and staff to great acclaim. Participant takeaways ranged from enthusiasm, hope, inspiration, and even tears of joy.

headstart1On-site during the conference, host Sandra Sedgbeer conducted video interviews for Inspired Parenting with can be seen on Inspired Parenting’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, so stay tuned.

Inspired Parenting continues work with Pasadena-based Pacific Clinics Head Start and Early Head Start organization as we embark on the facilitation of trainings, workshops and empowerment seminars based on IP’s pioneering content in print, digital, video and audio formats for Head Start parents, directors, child care providers, teachers and staff.