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dana_mrkich_THUMBDANA MRKICH is a writer, teacher, speaker and mother, focused on Conscious Living. She is the author of the book A New Chapter, the creator of several online transformational courses, and has a regular blog Evolution Revolution.

Dana lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband Christian and their son Jaxon.



margaret_seleme_thumbMARGARET SELEME is President and Founder of the Indigo Foundation of Bolivia, located in La Paz- Bolivia, and the director of the Educational Therapy Centre named “Cerebremos con el Corazón” (Cerebrating with the Heart).

Margaret Seleme holds a Degree in Architecture from University of Notre Dame, in Indiana, USA; a Masters Degree in Education from Framingham State College, Boston, USA; and a Masters Degree in Neuropsychopedagogy from University of La Salle in Bolivia, with a specialization on Brain Based Learning. She was a Kumon Instructor for 15 years and has taken a vast amount of courses on alternative and holistic therapies. She speaks 6 languages and has travelled the world extensively.

Fundación Indigo Bolivia is a non-profit organization whose objective is to divulge the existence of the New Children, their nature, their needs and their mission. It also seeks to instruct teachers on how to recognize and manage these children more efficiently in their classrooms. Finally, Fundación Indigo Bolivia tries to explain to parents who the New Children are, in all their denominations (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, etc.) but mainly the energetically sensitive children and how they should be incorporated and educated at home and at school.


BELA KOTWANI. ABela_Kotwani_thumbfter graduating in Bachelor of Commerce, Ms.Bela Kotwani completed her Early Childhood Care and Education from Sadhana Education Society in 1989. She has also completed a Certificate Course in Learning Disability, from Arya Vidya Mandir (Bandra W) in 1999.

Bela has 21 years of teaching and administrative experience at Arya Vidya Mandir, and has nurtured more than 2000 children in her career so far. As a puppeteer over the last 17 years, she loves bringing joy to children.

In 2012, Bela launched Cosmikids India—a Preschool, Day Care and an After School Activity Centre.

Rakesh_Kotwani_thumbRAKESH KOTWANI received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from the University of Kolhapur in 1989, and then completed a Management Development Programme , “Small and Medium Enterprises” from I.I.M Ahmedabad in 2004.

As an Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience, he is a co-founder of Cosmikids. India. He oversees all aspects of business development and expansion.



ann_callaghan_THUMBANN CALLAGHAN trained as a classical homeopath and specialized in the treatment of children in her clinic.  She also taught homeopathy and was a director of the Irish School of Homeopathy.

In march 1999, Ann started to make essences, which she used in her practice.  She soon realized that these essences could help with all sorts of behavioral problems, including ADD and ADHD, and also help families cope with stressful times. Since then she has taught workshops on indigo essences, the new children and the shift in consciousness in many countries including the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Iceland Hong Kong and Kapan. Ann has also spoken at many conferences including the International Flower Essence Conference in Tokyo, and was a contributor to Lee Carroll and Jan Tober’s book The Indigo Children 10 Years Later.



bill_ayling3_thumbBILL AYLING went straight from studying for his Masters Degree in Economics at Swansea University to working in the City of London, where he spent 17 years as a trader in the Investment Banking industry. After spending two years in Tokyo he returned to England in 1993, where he and his wife Sue had a son Tom. Tom was a highly sensitive child and had a number of challenges. In his pursuit of solutions to Tom’s “problems,” Bill immersed himself in the world of alternative therapies and emergent thinking.

Having trained in many protocols, mainly based upon Kinesiology, Bill co-founded a company called Edutherapy, which helped thousands of children diagnosed with various learning and behavioural challenges using a unique bio-resonance Programme. In 2009, as his understanding evolved, Bill co-founded aCREATIVEspace with Tracy Smith, which uses a similar bio-resonance programme to help elevate people’s consciousness above the problem mindset, releasing the potential in adults as well their children.

Bill still lives in Sevenoaks Kent. Tom is travelling in Australia having graduated last year, and Catherine, Tom’s sister, is studying drama.