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What’s in a Name? By Dr. Allan Hunter

Have you ever noticed how children of all ages love to write their names? They do it over and over again on the covers of their school books – not just once. They love to practice signatures in different ways, too, to see which one appeals to them most, and they love (and sometimes hate) nicknames. Copying a signature isn’t always done in order to forge a hall-pass! What’s actually happening is that the young person is trying out...

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Gentle Parenting Means Being Gentle with Yourself Too! By Nicola Haslett

Gentle Parenting is just a term that describes a natural, instinctive way of parenting that involves respecting and empathising with our children and allowing them to be who they naturally are, whilst only using gentle, respectful techniques to teach them about boundaries and discipline. Something that is often misunderstood when we talk about Gentle Parenting and Attachment Parenting is that to be a good, gentle parent we need to sacrifice ourselves completely and leave making time for us at...

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5 Claves Para Tener Una Buena Relación Con Tu Ex-Marido by Adriana Sorgi

Querida madre soltera, Quizá nunca vas a tener una relación perfecta con tu ex, pero lo que si puedes tener es paz interior. Si crees que tu salud mental depende del comportamiento de tu ex, déjame decirte que NO. El no es dueño de tus decisiones, tu poder interior es solo tuyo. Depende de ti en dárselo a el o en aprender a tomar responsabilidad por la relación que tienes con el. Aquí están 5 pautas efectivas que te...

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5 Tips for Getting Along with Your Ex by Adriana Sorgi

Dear Single Mom, You might never have the perfect relationship with your ex, but one thing you can have is peace of mind. If you think your sanity depends on your ex’s behavior, let me tell you, you are NOT at the mercy of your ex. He doesn’t own your power, you DO and it’s up to you to NOT give it away to him. These are my top 5 tips to set you free: 1. Do your inner...

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Creativity, Inspired Parenting & the Movie Mayday by Tann Moore

“I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.”—Harry S. Truman had this to say about adults in training during an interview with his daughter, Margaret Truman (27 May 1955). As parents, we spend a great deal of time telling our offspring what is best for them-without ever asking them first. This explains why many are frustrated with the honor bestowed upon them to...

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Connecting With Your Teens by Dr. Allan Hunter

Teens are legendarily somewhat reluctant to engage in activities with anyone except their immediate peers, so the question as to how to get them interacting with you in a meaningful way may seem like a tough one. Parents tend to despair at trying to talk to the child who, only a very few years before, seemed to tell them everything. That’s the cliché, at least. I’m not convinced that teens are always that difficult to communicate with. I suspect...

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The Critical Role of Imagination in Childhood Development by Dr. Caron Goode

Imagination is a potent ingredient that we as busy parents often dismiss and brush aside as mere childhood play. But imagination is a critical component to learning—one that serves as the foundation for a host of necessary life skills. Self-dialog is a component of imaginative play that helps children learn to overcome obstacles and master the art of self-regulation. Unstructured imaginative play also serves to round out a child’s whole-person development. Recent studies indicate that imaginative play has changed...

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How to Become an Advocate for Your ADHD Child by Lara Honos-Webb

Once you have determined that you child does have ADHD, it is important that as a parent you become an advocate for your child. You need to ask your child’s teachers what they can do to support your child. Adjustments in the classroom can make big differences in your child’s performance at school. Additionally, your child knows if you have her back or not. Knowing you are going to bat for her, will give him or her more motivation...

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Guilt Tripping: A Harmful Destination by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Larry and Corrina Johnson took their children on a trip this summer. No, they didn’t visit Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon. Fenway Park, the Field Museum, and the Mackinaw Bridge weren’t part of the itinerary either. In fact, the Johnson family never left home. The trip their children experienced took place at the kitchen table. They received a full-blown, all-expenses-paid guilt trip delivered by Larry Johnson and lovingly supported by his wife, Corinna. “You ought to be ashamed...

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The Spiritual Principles of Parenting Part 4 The Moon Principle – Your Child’s Mastery by Dr. Connie Kaplan

This series of articles is predicated on the answer to three provocative questions: What if you had a document that described your child’s gift to the world? What if you could look at that document and know Who She Is? Would that change the choices you make in parenting this child? I think so. That document can be created through the system called the invisible garment. I teach an extraordinary spiritual viewpoint about human incarnation as described in my...

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Letter to George Lucas Pays Surprising

Dividends for 2 Young Star Wars Fans

Young Logan Moret and his friend Ryan had an idea to create a Star Wars video game and decided that they needed to let George Lucas know about it. So they wrote him this letter on the left and sent him this video on the right.

Imagine how surprised and thrilled Logan and Ryan were when a huge box showed up at Logan's house filled with Star Wars gear and George Lucas’s appreciation for their support.

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