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Our Children's Futures Depend On It.


We are all privileged to live in this beautiful planet called Earth; however, everything that the current generation takes for granted is under threat. That’s why teenagers all around the world are taking a stand and marching for climate action and environmental justice in a newly-founded movement called This Is Zero Hour. Enough is Enough!

Support our youth. Read this important article by a 15-year-old youth organizer for London's March.


CLICK To visit the Zero Hour Website

Most Recent Articles

Nurturing and Nourishing our Children’s Souls by Gina Mazza

As a mom, my imperative is to nurture and nourish these little souls who incarnate to learn and grow—and to suffer, because we cannot learn without this part of life. It’s emotionally challenging at times, knowing that our job is not to save our children from all pain. Yes, we protect their health, safety and well being but we cannot deny them the experience of the completeness of the circle of life, which includes joy and sadness, highs and lows.

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Autism, Allergies and Gluten by Dr. Diana Fatayerji

Most parents know that what they feed their children affects them in one way or another. Foods and chemicals do not just affect the digestive tract. They have a direct impact on our mood, brain and behavior.

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An Aromatic Valentine by Steffany Kaminski

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7 Steps to Teach Children to Manage Stress by Dr. Caron B. Goode

Traditionally, childhood is a time of carefree summers spent with best friends, trips to amusement parks and Saturday matinees at the movies. But for many children, it's also a time of great stress. In fact, stress—those overwhelming feelings of doubt about ourselves or our ability to handle things—is as common in children as adults. The [...]

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Spoiling Children: The 7 Myths by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

There is no such thing as a spoiled child. “Spoiled” is an inference, a judgment that people make after noticing behaviors.
Are there children who act as if they are entitled? Yes. Are there children who whine until the parents cave in? Yes. Are there children who pout if they don’t get their way? Yes. Does that make them spoiled? NO. It makes them children who have learned or are trying out new behaviors in an attempt to get what they want.

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Empowering Our Girls in Their Coming of Age by Brenna Smith

Just a little over two years ago, I sat in my kitchen watching Emerging Women live-stream. For three days, women like Brene Brown and Eve Ensler took the stage to share cutting edge research, personal and professional stories of inspiration, triumph, pain and loss, with authenticity, honesty and vulnerability. They told their Truths about their own journeys, what it looked like through the lenses of their own careers, from the corner offices to creativity and motherhood. Talk about a revolution.

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