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  • BACK PAGE SPONSORSHIP OF OUR QUARTERLY MAGAZINE (see sample below)– Available only to like-minded organizations or individuals who want to align brands and support IP’s philosophies and mission to:
  • Empower children by providing the adults around them with fun, engaging, informative opportunities to move beyond their own and society’s cultural conditioning to perceive and interact with children in fully conscious and empowering new ways.
  • Support, inform and empower families, educators and caregivers by creating a trusted and authoritative resource for the latest insights and research on raising physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy, happy, resilient, conscientious and caring children

back_cover_sponsorshipBack Page Sponsor receives:

  • Pre-approved branded logo at bottom of back page-of-inspiration message and photo, PLUS
  • 3-4 lines of space at bottom of back page to add sponsor’s message and website URL
  • Ad space on IP website home page for duration of sponsorship – i.e., if 1 issues is sponsored, sponsor gets 3 months addition exposure of their ad on website
  • VIP mention and honoring at twice yearly IP-sponsored Teleconference Summits throughout the year of sponsorship
  • Three $99 per year subscription packages including 4 quarterly print editions, additional monthly digital magazines, our bonus gift bundle, member-only libraries of articles, audios, book excerpts, podcasts, videos and webinars.
  • Three complimentary one-year subscription packages to gift to friends/colleagues/employees.

COST OF BACK PAGE SPONSORSHIP: $4,000 per quarterly issue


  • Sponsor a themed section of our website for 1 month $1,495
  • Sponsor a video segment of our website for a month: $1,,495
    • Sponsor’s name, link and logo will also appear in our Mindful Resource Directory for 1 year
    • If sponsor is an individual who doesn’t require the space offered, they can name a pre-approved charity to sponsor their chosen themed section for the month of sponsorship.


IP Radio Show reaches a minimum of three million (3M) subscribers worldwide. OM Times radio is one of the leading voices of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. The IP shows is one-hour and airs at 4pm PST/7pm EST every Thursday.

Sponsor can submit a 30-second MP3 ad to be aired during a commercial break. There are 4 commercial breaks, only one of which will be used for a commercial advertiser’s/sponsor’s message.

Cost for one month’s shows: $ 995

Cost for six month’s shows:   $ 5000

Cost for one year’s shows:     $ 10,500