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An Open Letter To My Daughters by Vashti Summervill

    Dear Amazing Daughters, It is a mystery to as to how we ended up sharing this life’s journey but I am grateful . You have been my teacher from day one and I continue to learn from you. You challenge and delight me. You make me cry and laugh. I wouldn’t change any […]

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Is my child ready to play sports? by Kacey Hartung

  Most of us are very naïve when we first become parents.  We spend hours imagining their personality, temperament, likes and dislikes.  Our dreams are filled with their future activities and talent. Our heart is in the right place, we want the best for them.  And while we are focused on what could be, our [...]

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Learning to be Human – Embracing Vulnerability as Parents by Devon Kuntzman

  Becoming a parent and caring for young children is one of the most humanizing experiences you will have in your lifetime. That great love, felt so deep in your heart, creates an immense amount of vulnerability. Just because that vulnerability comes flooding in doesn’t mean you are ready to be open on that level. [...]

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Parents, Do We Have All the Answers? by Cara Pollard

  As parents we want to set goals for our children. We want them to achieve success, get good grades, commit to volunteer work, get the job or into school they desire, and participate in sports or extra curricular activities. We have aspirations of helping them to manage it all and pave a path for [...]

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Children As Our Guides to Mindful Eating by Nishti Choice

  Wholeness, Self-Trust and Self-Acceptance. These are the adjectives that spring to mind when describing a child. What has this got to do with mindful eating? As a specialist dietitian for children and parents or as I like to label myself as a ‘conscious’ dietitian, I can now confidently say that these words have everything [...]

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The Trouble With Testing by Dr. Mara Linaberger

  Well, it's that time again. Its testing season - that time of year when children everywhere are getting ready for some sort of standardized testing. They might be taking state mandated tests, or some other nationally normed tests. And in nearly all cases, teachers are taking a break from instruction to prepare students for [...]

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CosmiKids India offers Education with Philosophies for Global Citizenship by Bela Kotwani

Historic reference proves India to be the land of inspiration, and aspiration. It is the seat of one of the oldest civilizations known to man. We've been fortunate to draw knowledge and education from our vast cultural history. Our culture although self-sufficient, is thirsty for knowledge and is adorned with humility to learn from world [...]

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Parenting by Being Present in the Pause by Janet Philbin

    A few weeks ago, I went to a sporting event with my husband and teenage daughter.   My daughter had been on crutches for the past few weeks.  She was feeling a bit worried about managing in the sporting arena with the crutches and was hesitant to go. My husband was able to secure [...]

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5 Steps to Releasing G.U.I.L.T. by Kacey Hartung

Mom Guilt is an epidemic.  It’s not even noon and I’ve already felt guilty more times than I can count on both hands.  I should have worked out this morning, should have packed my kids a healthier lunch, should have anticipated my boss would need those details before she asked me for them and dozens [...]

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Adolescence: The Hero’s journey by Maggie Dent

This article explores adolescence from a transpersonal place that may defy both logic and intelligence. I have been fascinated by the journeys that have been chosen consciously, or unconsciously, by adolescents and then to see the person they become later in life. Often the individuals who took the risks and were burnt by fire, who [...]

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