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5 Things a Peaceful Mama Keeps in Her Purse by Natalie Sager

Sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins with all the “magic” I carry around with me in my purse. And, I secretly love feeling like that because I am prepared for almost any emergency situation. Whether it is a fall at the playground, a bee sting at the park or a meltdown at the grocery store, whenever I can reach […]

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Parenting Teens the Conscious Way by Arayeh Norouzi

There are just so many rules in school. I hate that I have so much homework. My teacher is so unfair. I did that because of my friends. I can never talk to my parents as it always ends up with yelling…. These are some of the statements that I have been hearing from my […]

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Gifts of being a Conscious Parent: By Janet Philbin

There are many gifts when you become a parent.  Those gifts come in varying sizes, shapes, temperaments and personalities.  There are also joys, tears, hopes, dreams, and all sorts of emotional pain.  I would like to talk about parenting from a conscious perspective.  Some are gifts easily recognized like: feeling proud they took their first [...]

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Letting Go With Greyson by Brigitte Jackson Buckley

Our first born has light in his eyes. It smiles when he speaks. He is jovial and ready to bring laughter to social interactions. He is kind and physically expressive. Greyson’s expression of love has brought my issue of giving and receiving love to the forefront of our parent-child relationship. During his elementary years, I […]

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Helping our children learn the fine art of playing by Catherine Hammons

As a coordinator and director of various summer camps and youth conferences, I get the bird’s eye view of most things. One of the things that I absolutely love is watching how children develop relationships with other children and with the adult staff. But as with all things in love, there are upsides and there […]

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How to go from “Dry” to Confident, Energized & Sexy after Kids by Dorit Palvanov

Parenting is hard. Parenting (and responsibility) suck the life out of you. You lose your time, your hobbies, your friends. Heck, sometimes you even lose your marriage. But, most of all, you lose yourself and your body. I know this is not a way to begin an article. Writing to the conscious and inspired, I’m […]

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An Open Letter To My Daughters by Vashti Summervill

    Dear Amazing Daughters, It is a mystery to as to how we ended up sharing this life’s journey but I am grateful . You have been my teacher from day one and I continue to learn from you. You challenge and delight me. You make me cry and laugh. I wouldn’t change any [...]

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Is my child ready to play sports? by Kacey Hartung

  Most of us are very naïve when we first become parents.  We spend hours imagining their personality, temperament, likes and dislikes.  Our dreams are filled with their future activities and talent. Our heart is in the right place, we want the best for them.  And while we are focused on what could be, our [...]

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Learning to be Human – Embracing Vulnerability as Parents by Devon Kuntzman

  Becoming a parent and caring for young children is one of the most humanizing experiences you will have in your lifetime. That great love, felt so deep in your heart, creates an immense amount of vulnerability. Just because that vulnerability comes flooding in doesn’t mean you are ready to be open on that level. [...]

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Parents, Do We Have All the Answers? by Cara Pollard

  As parents we want to set goals for our children. We want them to achieve success, get good grades, commit to volunteer work, get the job or into school they desire, and participate in sports or extra curricular activities. We have aspirations of helping them to manage it all and pave a path for [...]

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Dr. Leon Campbell has been mentoring youth and families for over 30 years. He’s the Life Advisor that Parents & Teens Trust