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Introducing A New Era in Parenting Magazines

INSPIRED PARENTING is much more than simply an online magazine—it’s a powerful and comprehensive resource with articles, book excerpts, podcasts, and International Contributing editors on all five continents. Most importantly, INSPIRED PARENTING is a rapidly growing global movement driven by people with the same philosophies and goals: to raise conscious, caring, resourceful and emotionally intelligent children.

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IP MAGAZINE has been created specifically to meet the needs of forward-thinking parents, educators, caregivers, and mentors whose approach to parenting is both whole-child- and family-centered. Our readers are interested in raising healthy, confident, resilient, and emotionally intelligent children, and, consequently, are willing to expend more time, energy and money on creating a healthy environment and lifestyle for their families.

INSPIRED PARENTING readers actively seek out products that are natural, organic, ecologically safe for humans and the planet, as well as nourishing, enriching and empowering for their children’s bodies, minds, and spirits.

INSPIRED PARENTING readers take a progressive approach to parenting, and are passionate, educated and informed about all matters pertaining to the health and happiness of their families.

So if you’re an ethical retailer or business looking for a unique opportunity to reach a tightly targeted audience of intelligent, conscientious families interested in conscious parenting, progressive education, holistic health, sustainability, and natural family living… INSPIRED PARENTING would like to partner with you.

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