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Parenting Teens the Conscious Way by Arayeh Norouzi

There are just so many rules in school. I hate that I have so much homework. My teacher is so unfair. I did that because of my friends. I can never talk to my parents as it always ends up with yelling…. These are some of the statements that I have been hearing from my […]

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An Open Letter To My Daughters by Vashti Summervill

    Dear Amazing Daughters, It is a mystery to as to how we ended up sharing this life’s journey but I am grateful . You have been my teacher from day one and I continue to learn from you. You challenge and delight me. You make me cry and laugh. I wouldn’t change any […]

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PREVIEW: Adolescence – The Hero’s Journey by Maggie Dent

This article explores adolescence from a transpersonal place that may defy both logic and intelligence. I have been fascinated by the journeys that have been chosen consciously, or unconsciously, by adolescents and then to see the person they become later in life. Often the individuals who took the risks and were burnt by fire, who [...]

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Adolescence: The Hero’s journey by Maggie Dent

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