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5 Claves Para Tener Una Buena Relación Con Tu Ex-Marido by Adriana Sorgi

Querida madre soltera, Quizá nunca vas a tener una relación perfecta con tu ex, pero lo que si puedes tener es paz interior. Si crees que tu salud mental depende del comportamiento de tu ex, déjame decirte que NO. El no es dueño de tus decisiones, tu poder interior es solo tuyo. Depende de ti [...]

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5 Tips for Getting Along with Your Ex by Adriana Sorgi

Dear Single Mom, You might never have the perfect relationship with your ex, but one thing you can have is peace of mind. If you think your sanity depends on your ex’s behavior, let me tell you, you are NOT at the mercy of your ex. He doesn’t own your power, you DO and it’s [...]

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To Change Your Child, First Change Yourself by Adriana Sorgi

It is never too late to be a better parent. The best gift you can give your children is to do your inner work, to release the patterns that haven’t worked up until now and take a different direction—a direction more productive and more conducive to creating harmony with the whole family.

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