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CosmiKids India offers Education with Philosophies for Global Citizenship by Bela Kotwani

Historic reference proves India to be the land of inspiration, and aspiration. It is the seat of one of the oldest civilizations known to man. We’ve been fortunate to draw knowledge and education from our vast cultural history. Our culture although self-sufficient, is thirsty for knowledge and is adorned with humility to learn from world […]

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Planning our Children’s Lives – Is it Helping or Hurting? by Bela Kotwani

In a bustling city like Mumbai, parents juggle tasks to manage their professional and personal lives.  When children are added to the mix, parents face unique logistical challenges from day to day. Running a ‘tight ship’ allows parents to meet their responsibilities and maintain control. But is this the best solution? What is this solution [...]

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A Child Gives Birth to a Mother By Bela Kotwani

There is not a perfect guide to parenting or to be a perfect mom. Each mom or parent wants the best for their child. They would like to do their best in making their child’s journey smooth and easy, not realizing that what will make the child strong is whenever he is in a situation/problem, he learns to reason, question and come out with his own solutions.

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