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Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness By Mariaemma Willis

Celebrate the child you have. Don’t be regretful that you didn’t get a different one. Don’t be discouraged because the one you have would be wonderful, if only… Celebrate your child’s skills, accomplishments, and uniqueness. If you don’t celebrate them, neither will he.

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The Heart of the Matter by Sandra Fay Hoover

G rowing up in Birchwood Forest was not easy and Feely didn’t always believe in Love. He felt no one listened to him and his family called him a pest. Well, I know exactly how Feely feels. I’ve felt that way too. And yes, he may be a bug but young Feely was not a [...]

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The Psychology of Pregnancy: Birthing Yourself as a Mother By Lara Honos-Webb

Pregnancy can be a major stressor for any woman. There are many factors that increase the stress of a pregnancy.  A woman’s relationship with her own mother plays a surprisingly central role in determining her capacity to adapt successfully to a pregnancy. Studies have reported that women with high levels of unresolved conflict toward their [...]

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Preview: Parenting Begins Before Conception – Your Childhood wounds by Carista Luminare

“Parenting forms children’s core beliefs about themselves. Nothing could be more important. The future of the world depends on our children’s conception of themselves. All their choices depend on their view of themselves… There is a crisis in the family today. It has to do with our parenting rules and the multigenerational process by which families perpetuate these rules.” – John Bradshaw

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Parenting Begins Before Conception: Your Childhood Wounds By Carista Luminare

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