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10 Easy Ways to Build Connection With Your Child by Sue DeCaro

As humans, we are all programmed for connection. Our children need this in their lives in order to feel acknowledged, appreciated, and valued.  When our children feel disconnected, that is when we may see behaviors that seem undesirable or chaotic. Here are 10 ways to connect with your children. Be completely present when you are [...]

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Guilt Tripping: A Harmful Destination by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Larry and Corrina Johnson took their children on a trip this summer. No, they didn’t visit Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon. Fenway Park, the Field Museum, and the Mackinaw Bridge weren’t part of the itinerary either. In fact, the Johnson family never left home. The trip their children experienced took place at the kitchen table. They received a full-blown, all-expenses-paid guilt trip delivered by Larry Johnson and lovingly supported by his wife, Corinna.

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Are Your Children Being Deprived? Take the Test by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Some parents give their children designer clothes, foreign trips and a personal TV. Others give them attention and experiences and hold them accountable for their actions. What do your children get? Are you unknowingly depriving your children of important lessons and learnings? Find out here by taking the Deprived Child Test. See how you score. [...]

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When Teaching Gets in the Way of Learning by Trish D. Keiller

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10 Ways to Parent Without Screwing Up Your Kid by Nick Seneca Jankel

Smelly diapers, sleepless nights, helping with homework, tackling meltdowns, wiping Nutella off every surface and giving cuddles whenever requested are just some of the joys of parenting. It’s possibly the greatest catalyst for personal growth that money cannot buy. It easy to want to tear your hair out and yell at your kids for their messy rooms when they are arguing over the iPad, but it can be avoided. With two kids under the age of five, I developed 12 golden rules for keeping peace in our home and love in our hearts.

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What Happens When You Don’t Have All The Answers? by Jolette Jai

It was the end of a perfect afternoon.  My five-year-old son and I had just spent the day hiking in nature, eating picnics, riding scooters, and now we were back at home drawing. He wanted to draw the entire alphabet, from A to Z.  So he does, concentrating hard on each letter as he forms [...]

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THE IP INTERVIEW – Youth Learning Good Enough for a Duchess with Rev. Leon Campbell

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