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Emily the Elephant by Kathleen Jacoby

Emily the Elephant had been wiggly from the time she was born. She loved to wave her trunk in all sorts of ways…flowing motions, jerky motions, whatever way she felt in the moment. She would hum as she meandered along paths, knocking things off trees, breaking branches, swatting her friends by mistake, and generally causing [...]

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Conversations with My Soul Self: Empowering Stories for Children Facing Everyday Situations by Anaya Carroll

My name is Emma. When I was about eight years old, which is a few years ago now, I was a fairly normal kid, except for the fact I couldn’t stand the way some of my clothes felt on my skin. This led to some rather spectacular emotional meltdowns, (some people called them tantrums, especially if they occurred in public). I felt bad about myself and thought there must have been something wrong with me. I worried about it a lot.

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