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Parenting by Being Present in the Pause by Janet Philbin

    A few weeks ago, I went to a sporting event with my husband and teenage daughter.   My daughter had been on crutches for the past few weeks.  She was feeling a bit worried about managing in the sporting arena with the crutches and was hesitant to go. My husband was able to secure [...]

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Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness By Mariaemma Willis

Celebrate the child you have. Don’t be regretful that you didn’t get a different one. Don’t be discouraged because the one you have would be wonderful, if only… Celebrate your child’s skills, accomplishments, and uniqueness. If you don’t celebrate them, neither will he.

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Mindfulness Meditations for Moms – Healing Light by Jeannine Proulx

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Mindfulness Meditations for Moms – The Winds of Change by Jeannine Proulx

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Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Children Who Can Change the World by Nicola Haslett

No woman can deny that motherhood is a deeply life changing experience. I held my baby for the first time and suddenly my life had so much more meaning. It was no longer just about me and my journey through life but the life of this precious little person I held in my arms. I [...]

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Mindfulness Moments for Parent and Child: Towel Folding by Jeannine Proulx

Daily life can be so busy. Taking time to slow down and appreciate the precious moments with your child can be tough when you are going in a thousand different directions! These short videos show how you can take the activities you already do with your child and create a lasting mindful moment, allowing you both to slow down and appreciate the times you have together.

These simple acts around the home (even folding laundry!) can all become Mindful Moments with your child by stopping to take a breath or two and do some simple movements, making ordinary moments mindful ones!

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Mindfulness Meditations for Moms: Understanding Self, Understanding Your Child by Jeannine Proulx

Meditation can help calm, center, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and promote a healthy lifestyle. But who has time? Mindfulness Meditation for Mothers uses the sounds and images of nature with the intuitive guided meditations from Jeannine Proulx to instantly calm, refresh, and rejuvenate your spirit in those few precious moments between work, kids and car pool.

The sounds and images of the fall season in Michigan bring the calm state of mind to set the scene for you to tune into your inner wisdom, connecting with yourself and your child in Mindfulness Meditation for Mothers: Understanding Yourself Understanding Your Child.

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