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How to Find the Perfect Nanny Part 2 – Search for Your Perfect Nanny by Nicola Magrath

Ready to begin your nanny search and have no idea where to begin?  No worries. We are going to share information about the different methods of finding the perfect fit for your family. There are many different options when searching for a new nanny; you can search by yourself using search sites, hire an agency, use word of mouth or social media platforms such as Facebook.

Search Sites

 With a variety of search sites available to us, how do we know which one to choose? The most popular two are and I’ve personally used these sites to find my own nanny positions and as Matchmakers to search for qualified candidates. Both sites allow you to create a profile without having to pay but they both require a monthly subscription to communicate with candidates.  (TIP: Once you find your candidate, be sure to cancel your subscription as they automatically renew and will continue charging your card even when the site is not being used.)

With you can find more than just nannies.  They have options for special needs care, housekeepers, babysitters, pet care, tutors, and elderly care.  This site seems to be the most popular and provides an easy platform for all users.

The monthly subscriptions vary depending on what you sign up for.  We always suggest choosing the three-month option, you save money and hopefully will have found your nanny within three months.  The exception is if you constantly use the site, then sign up for the year as it’s the best value for money.

There are mixed feelings about the type of candidates and families found on this site. As there is minimal regulation within the nanny industry, literally anyone can sign up and declare that they are a nanny.  It’s important to remember regardless of what site you’re using, you must do your diligence. As we move forward with our articles, we will continue to discuss each step of the nanny search and hiring process sharing tips, advice and best practices along the way.  Personally, I have found two great positions and have placed a few fabulous nannies using this site.  There are gems everywhere, we just must search!

This site is becoming more known.  It’s common in other cities and making a name for itself here in LA. Eventually, this site will become as big, if not bigger than in my opinion. allows you to search for the same types of caregivers that offers.  We prefer the aesthetics of this site and for some reason, it’s easier to navigate through. From our experience as Matchmakers, this site has a bigger pool of professional candidates.  This site also requires a monthly subscription and the price varies just like we mentioned above.  Again, be sure to cancel your subscription once you have found your new nanny!

Again, we have found some exceptional nanny candidates using this site and I personally found another great family to work for using this site.  We highly recommend using these sites if you’re taking your nanny search into your own hands.

Finding a new nanny via word of mouth can be the most amazing and easiest experience.  However, before making a commitment, we always suggest comparing at least two nannies

Other sites
We have tried using the sites below but did not have much success with them.  That does not mean you should avoid them, we strongly encourage you to try each site to determine what your preference is.

Nanny Agencies
Using an agency can be very beneficial and less work on your behalf but this does come at a high cost.  Agencies can offer the extra support and information needed throughout a nanny search and hire process especially if you have never hired a nanny or interviewed anyone before.  Agencies tend to have the most qualified and experienced nannies, but that does not mean, they have them all.  Some truly amazing nannies choose not to work with/for agencies for their own personal preferences.

Nanny Agencies charge for their placements.  Most agencies have a registration fee and charge 15 – 20% of the nanny’s annual income which is paid upon placement.  More often than not, a family can work with multiple agencies to search for their new hire. Our methods at The Nanny Matchmaker are slightly different as we offer a unique approach to our placements and prices. Understanding that it’s not always about the money aspect and more so to do with the connection felt with the agents, we highly recommend connecting with at least three different agencies before deciding which one to move forward with.  To find the right fit for your family you can try searching the different agencies using Yelp (such a great tool!).

Word of Mouth
Finding a new nanny via word of mouth can be the most amazing and easiest experience.  However, before making a commitment, we always suggest comparing at least two nannies.  Occasionally, that is not possible so we suggest going with your instincts because ultimately you know what is best for your family.  When beginning a search for a new nanny, we highly recommend reaching out to your parent friends to inquire if they know of any nanny who is available and/or actively seeking work.  There is a stigma within this industry that parents do not like sharing their nanny with their friends for multiple reasons but mostly because of these two – the family is afraid their nanny will be taken from them or afraid that the nanny will share personal, confidential information especially after working inside your private space.  It’s important to understand that a professional nanny will not share confidential information about their employers to anyone even without signing an NDA.  We also strongly discourage stealing your friends or neighbors’ nanny, even if it feels like the right fit.  Luring the nanny with higher pay behind your friends back is extremely inconsiderate and unfair to the children let alone going against the friend code.  If you truly feel that your nanny is not the right fit for your family and is a better fit for your friends or neighbors then through clear and direct communication with all parties decide what is the best way to approach this situation.

Want a free option for finding your perfect placement?  Use Facebook and the many groups Facebook has to offer for just for parents and nannies to connect with one another.  By choosing to use Facebook, expect to do all the work and that means filtering through applicants that are questionable; being hounded by candidates who believe they are great fits for your family; following up with private messages and comments on your posts.  A great reason to use Facebook, besides being free, is that you can become friends with the applicants and browse through their page to get a sense of who they are and vice versa.  We are building a group for parents, nanny agencies and nannies to freely communicate with each other (The name of the group is Nannies and Mannies of LA).

When using Facebook and any other search sites, please be sure to do due diligence on each candidate.

We welcome you to email us with any questions that you may have. Our email is




NICOLA MAGRATH began her professional nanny career eight years ago working for a local family that she still keeps in touch with to this day. While working as a nanny she connected with many different families and nannies and often heard similar stories of the struggles that come with finding the right person or position, some of which she experienced herself. Being a problem solver and eager to serve, she started thinking of ways to solve these issues. In 2014, she met a nanny in a West Hollywood park and they immediately connected on this topic and began creating a solution. After two years of establishing their agency, the other nanny decided to pursue her other passions. Being extremely passionate about her work and the families and nannies she had helped, Nicola rebranded the business and continued providing Los Angeles families with an exceptional nanny search and hiring experience.