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Alexandra Shires Golon on Visual Spatial Learners

Alexandra Shires Golon and host Sandie Sedgbeer discuss Topsy Turvy Tips, children who are Visual Spatial Learners, and don’t process information the same way other kids might.  This can lead to challenges with spelling. But when you know how to teach them in a way that makes sense to them, they do just as well as their peers.

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Bruce Lipton on Parents as Genetic Engineers: How our Parenting Practices Affect our Children’s Brains

Bruce Lipton and host Sandie Sedgbeer discuss what the new mind/body science is telling us about children and the evolution of humanity, why the pre-birth life of your children profoundly influences their long-term health and behavior, how our parenting practices shape our children’s brains and IQ, and how we can programm our children to be healthy, happy and successful


Dan Millman on the Way of the Peaceful Warrior for Kids

Dan Millman and host Sandie Sedgbeer discuss how his children’s books, including The Secret of the Peaceful Warrior are helping children learn important life lessons.


Early Childhood Development expert, Nancy Carlson-Paige (Matt Damon’s mom), on Taking Back Childhood

Nancy Carlsson-Paige and host Sandie Sedgbeer discuss why play is such a critical factor in healthy child development,  why childhood as we know it is  being stolen from our kids, and the practical steps parents can take to start fighting back.


Linda Lantieri, M.A., on Building Emotional Intelligence and Cultivating Inner Strength in Children.


Connie Kaplan on your child’s Invisible Garment


Mariaemma Willis on your child’s creative learning style


Internationally renowned Yoga Teacher and author, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, on Pre and Post Natal Yoga and the Peaceful Child