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More Lessons from a Preschooler by Dr. Allan Hunter

Eye contact matters.

Sometimes running to the store to pick up milk and eggs can be a great adventure. Those shopping carts are really a lot of fun.

Table manners are over-rated. So what if a bit of mess happens? Enjoy the food.

Naps are good. Anyone who’s cranky probably needs one.

If you bounce around and have fun it frees up a lot of things (even if it’s only your stroller breaking loose from its moorings…..)

Sometimes, as a baby, I know stuff I can’t put into words.  But I still know it.

Whatever you do I will imitate, if only for a while.

There’s always something to smile or laugh about, just because it’s fun.

You’ll fall down and bump your head. Don’t focus on it. There’s plenty more interesting stuff to do.

Some things are hard, like learning to walk.  But if you stick with it you’ll get it soon enough. Giving up isn’t an option.

Play with the toys you want to play with. Don’t play with what anyone thinks you ought to have if you don’t feel like it.

It’s good to have a quiet corner to call your own. Claim one.


DR. ALLAN HUNTER is a professor emeritus of Literature at Curry College. He is the author of 12 books, a counselor, and an explorer of the deep truths conveyed by storytelling.