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Our Give as We Grow Program

As a company, our ethos is quite unique. Although staffed by professionals with solid national and international magazine experience, our magazines, of which Inspired Parenting is the first, do not conform to any “cookie cutter” formulas with directives from “corporate” or multinational advertisers.

Inspired Parenting has a lot of latitude in deciding the best way to operate in order to provide an important resource that meets the needs of parents, caregivers, and children in the local community and our larger global family. That makes community giving really special and fun. We’ve decided to adopt the “Give as We Grow” mentality in not waiting for profitability before we give back to our communities.

In the “give” mentality, the philosophy is fundamentally different. It’s more about “What value can I provide to this person so that he or she feels they’ve not only received honest value; but also feel valued.

In our first year, Inspired Parenting will be giving back a % of its net earnings to Agape International, an LA-based, non-profit Youth and Family organization. In future years, we will ask our readers to help choose a charitable organization to which they would like us to “Give As We Grow.”

For information about our donation policy, contact us at: publisher @


“The ultimate goal in life is not to be successful or loved, but to
become the truest expression of ourselves, to live into authentic
selfhood, to honor our birthright gifts and callings, and be of service
to humanity and our world.”
— FREDERIC LALOUX, Reinventing Organizations:
A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by
the Next Stage of Human Consciousness.