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Parents Coaching Skills – A Life-Changing and Innovative Technique to Add Value by Dr. Caron Goode

They say a good teacher is a life-long learner. Learning adds value to what you do. As a counselor, a teacher, a nurturer, or a social worker, you need to look for new challenges that can help you broaden your knowledge and expand your skill set. You should go for options that help you add to not just the professional but also moral and social values. Learning parents coaching skills offers one such rewarding experience.

Learning parent coaching skills can be life changing not just for the families you interact with, but also for your own self. It is something that can be taken as a career as well as a calling, and the value we speak of goes well beyond the monetary aspects of the profession.

Being a parent coach is exciting and inspiring, but how exactly does it add value to the coach’s life?

The Sense of Giving Back
There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have contributed to the society in a good way. What is better is knowing that the changes you have made are going to have a long-term effect. By helping families and parents, you are actually helping in strengthening their bonds. This is where the societal redevelopment actually begins.

You are helping parents in raising their children as emotionally healthy and strong individuals with strong ethical and moral values. There can’t be anything more satisfying and rewarding than knowing you are a part of it.

The Client-Coach Relationship
As a mentor and coach you are bound to know your clients on a very personal level. They will share their emotional struggles and problems with you. You have to be an empathetic listener who can understand and feel what the client is going through. This requires developing a strong emotional bond with the clients. You are required to build a relationship in order to help your clients mend and build their own. This is something that is missing in self-help parenting books and resources. That is what gives coaches an edge.

In short, the kind of intimacy you will experience as a parent coach is something most careers don’t offer.  It is a force that fuels your own performance and also empowers your clients resulting in a bigger difference.

Taking Multiple Roles as a Mentor
As a parent coach, you are not just a counselor; you are a mentor who listens, teaches, educates, supports and transforms. Parent coaching skills can be defined as a set of advanced listening, coaching, and counseling skills. It is a universal skill set that will help you throughout your professional and personal endeavors in almost every walk of life.

However, you need to work your way to acquire the skills set needed to become a good parent coach and reap the true value of being a mentor. You can start now by enrolling in Academy for Coaching Parents.


DR. CARON GOODE is the founder and director of the Academy for Coaching Parents International as well as She trains nurturers to work from home in a financially successful business.  She is the author of over three dozen books on parenting, coaching, business and marketing, and self-improvement.