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PREVIEW: Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness by Mariaemma Willis

Celebrate the child you have. Don’t be regretful that you didn’t get a different one. Don’t be discouraged because the one you have would be wonderful, if only…

Celebrate your child’s skills, accomplishments, and uniqueness. If you don’t celebrate them, neither will he.

Infants and toddlers have different temperaments, different skills, and different needs for noise, quiet, warmth, sleep, food, etc. These differences are a child’s marks of distinction. As new parents we eagerly celebrate the defining traits of our children. Jesse has such a good voice; he’ll probably be a singer. Madeline is so creative with her building blocks, I wouldn’t be surprised if she became an architect or carpenter. Look at the way Ralph takes care of other children; he’s going to be a great dad.

Adults believe that these defining attributes show a child’s promise. We think that they are indications of something that is true about the child. They are.

Oh, rats!  It’s so frustrating when you get cut off just as you were getting really interested.

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