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Preview: Emotional Intelligence – a Key to Your Child’s Future Health & Happiness by Sandie Sedgbeer

As conscientious and caring parents, we invest a lot of time and money in helping our children develop the skills they need to succeed in life. We send them to the best schools, save for college, sign them up for soccer and piano lessons, and teach them the value of hard work.   At the end of it all, we envision ourselves gazing proudly at a shelf full of trophies and a framed diploma feeling satisfied that our hard work has paid off.

But will our children really be as well prepared for life as we think they will be?

When they get frustrated because someone else is scoring all the goals, what do they do with those feelings?

When they get their first job and encounter an unreasonable supervisor, how will they respond? Do they have the necessary empathy and understanding to win friends and influence people? Do they have the confidence and self-assurance to chase a dream that might take them far from the well-worn path?

There’s no denying that academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities are central components in a child’s upbringing. But as the new field of neuroscience is showing us, it’s the social and emotional aspects of learning—their Emotional Intelligence (EQ)—that determine a child’s happiness, health, security and future success in life far more than their physical prowess, educational accomplishments or their IQ.

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