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PREVIEW: Intuition is the Way by Sue DeCaro

How do we know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to raising our children? Many times, parents that I talk with are trying to find the “right” answer, the prescription for raising children. Life would be so easy if there were a simple prescription to this very challenging job called parenting.

I believe, years ago, I was also one of those parents, looking for the answer. There were so many occasions where I told myself that I must have been doing it wrong. I constantly wondered what was right? That was the answer that I could never find. But I was searching outside of myself in books, therapists, and anywhere I could turn.

What turns out to be true is that right and wrong are nebulous. They are just judgments and labels that we put on life, decisions, and actions to make sense of them and characterize them in our own mind. Perhaps in some situations this works, especially when it comes to a math problem.

When it truly comes down to it, there is no right way or wrong way; there is just the way. Intuition and inner wisdom, in my opinion, are two important ingredients to raising children.

When we are quiet enough to hear our wisdom and listen to our child, we find the way, the path to raising “our” unique child in a way that serves the distinct character of that particular child. It is again not about what society tells us is “right” or “wrong”. No one knows our child as well as we do. No one lives with our child and see’s the needs of him or her as much as we do. So, the world at large cannot determine what is “right” or “wrong” for us, only we know the way.

Oh, rats!  It’s so frustrating when you get cut off just as you were getting really interested.

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