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PREVIEW: Intuitive Aromatherapy – The Power of Self Care by Steffany Kaminsky

Happy New Year! I am guessing many of you are feeling run down, a little lost without the large to-do list of holiday shopping and probably a little dehydrated. How many of you decided to take care of yourself in the last month by eating and sleeping well, massage, exercise, Reiki, or even journaling? Were you waiting for January 1st to set some new health goals and resolutions?

So often I hear my clients say they will start a strict health regimen the second week of January. They indulge, binge, or do nothing at all to prepare them for the real change they are seeking. Fine tuning these changes and making them accessible all year and part of your routine is when real change happens. Even during the most stressful times of our lives there are always a few things we can be doing for ourselves to restore some peace, free the mind, and take care of ourselves.

Small victories instead of grand goals will help set the tone and leave you feeling inspired. Write down a list of whys before starting a new endeavor or even to re-evaulate your current interests. Are you accomplishing your goals in your activities? Make a list. Why does a Yoga class sound great to you? Do you simply want to touch your toes again, have an hour of quiet time to yourself, lower blood pressure, or are you looking deeper into the practice as you have been taking classes for years now? How can you take it one step further to keep yourself motivated and inspired? If it doesn’t inspire you anymore, find something new. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick to it.

If you have set diet and exercise goals for yourself take a moment to think about how you will handle potential setbacks. List the occasions that you feel will be difficult to steer through and write down a solution. Want to give up gluten and dairy but your sister’s wedding is in 2 months? Don’t let that stop you from starting today. Make a plan, have a solution to setbacks, and celebrate the victory of keeping your promise to yourself. It will feel so good!

Oh, rats!  It’s so frustrating when you get cut off just as you were getting really interested.

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