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Preview: The Hero’s Journey of Optimal Childhood Development: Part 1 by Zachariah Fisher

From the dawn of time, man has searched for deeper meaning to how we got here, who we are and why we are here. These sparks of deep unquenching wonders and curiosities have evolved over millennia, but the answers to these burning questions have remained subjective at best. There seem to be no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all answers to life’s deepest questions. You may ask, what do these esoteric inquires into the nature of life itself have to do with education and optimal childhood development? If life’s deepest mysteries remain unanswered, let alone the constitutional makeup of each unique individual, how can we begin to think we know exactly what and how we should teach our children?

Children are natural explorers, in a fervent exploration to remember the essence of who they are. Their surroundings serving as doorways into the infinite world of wonder for which one can endlessly explore. Why indeed do children desire to explore this world of wonder, what answers do these mysteries hold for them and how can we as adults support them in this uniquely intuitive quest?

Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Mythology, and Neuroscience

Eastern traditions teach us that innate in every human being is our unique blueprint seed and that our life is a journey to unlock the dormant treasures within it. In Sanskrit, the ancient sacred language of India, the word for this seed is dharma, translated as ‘purpose’ or ‘duty’. Vedic teachings around dharma teach us that our every inclination, impulse, desire, and motivation is rooted in unlocking this treasure so our dharma seed can blossom and bear the fruits of our purpose. They teach us that our life is paving the way to discover who we are and that our relationships and experiences are perfect mirrors to see the mysteries that lay deep within.

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