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PREVIEW: THE IP INTERVIEW: Health Freedom for Families with Maria Whalen

Judy Julin meets Maria Whalen, pioneer of Health Freedom, a new whole health methodology transforming the way families interact with both alternative and Western medicine worldwide.

Judy Julin: I want to start out by hearing what brought you to this concept of health freedom, Maria. Can you talk a little bit about how it is impacting families, now and in the future?

Maria Whalen: In my early years I was very athletic. I became a competitive boxer.  Externally, I looked super healthy but internally, breakdowns were happening in my body.  These days we might say, “Oh, it’s just something you have to live with or it’s no big deal,” but truly, it is never not a big deal. The small things were big things for me that kept going and growing over the span of ten or more years. I received all the diagnoses under the sun. I ended up being diagnosed with three rare autoimmune diseases. The one that was the hardest to deal with was the one that would send me into comas every other week or so.  After dealing with that for a very long time, I lost a lot of hope. I was tired of feeling bad and also felt sad for my family watching me suffer.  I didn’t like being a burden.  One day I got a phone call from the doctor, saying I had to come in to discuss some test results.

The results showed a high probability that I would not be able to bear children. I had wanted to have kids since I was very young. Kids and health were my true passion, so when he told me the news, I was in such a depressed state that I immediately went and paid six days in advance for a hotel because I was going to take my own life. The next day, when I realized I was still alive, two things happened.  First, I got a massive “download” of energy and information that filled my entire body. That old fighter mentality came back, and I thought, Where did the old me go and what am I doing? I was determined to figure out a solution to my health issues. And second, I realized what I had been doing up until then for my health hadn’t worked. Deep inside I knew traditional medicine was never going to heal me.

Oh, rats!  It’s so frustrating when you get cut off just as you were getting really interested.

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