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PREVIEW: Why Micro-moments Matter – Connecting With Kids By Maggie Dent

micromoments_150pxMost parents would never question that they love their children wholeheartedly — even when their little darling has done a lipstick drawing on the wall, won’t eat their vegies or sleep in their own bed, or thumps their brother. Even though we might get annoyed, we still love them absolutely.

However, children don’t always feel our love because ‘love’ is a difficult concept for children and even teens to grasp. In a way, children see love as connection — where they sense that you not only see them, but that you feel them invisibly and strongly.

Many people talk about having quality time with their children and, while that is a good thing, it might only come around once a week — or once a month in our busy society.

I am more inclined to recommend micro-moments of loving connectedness or building ‘love bridges’ which happen often, rather than just focusing on quality time created by an adult at a time convenient to them.

Children live in the present moment and when we come and join them, even briefly, in that amazing place it makes their hearts sing. When we can come to them and share in their childlike view of the world, children know we love them.

Many parents who have to work tell me how they struggle with feeling guilty that they are unable to spend a lot of time with their children. The same goes for those who work away from home in areas such as sales, mining or in the military.

There are many ways, some really tiny, that build a heart connection.

I was blessed to spend hours of my childhood driving around the farm with my dad as a captive audience for my endless chatter and questioning about everything. No wonder he struggled with his hearing as he got older, however I knew I was loved.

The concept of meeting children with a specific intention to nurture connection through how we interact with them comes from Canadian developmental psychologist Dr Gordon Neufeld’s work, especially his book, Hold On to Your Kids.


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