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Inspired Parenting Magazine Vol 1. Issue 1 (single copy)


Vol 1. Issue 1 of Inspired Parenting Print Magazine. Packed with valuable articles and relevant information about learning styles, conscious parenting, strategies, meditation and children, teens, tips and tools for effective discipline that builds  confidence and self-esteem rather than shames and blames, creativity, health, children’s stress, emotional intelligence and so much more.


ISP-IP05-2015_COVER_LY2_250pxwCollection Edition $8.95 + Shipping

  • Building Inner Resilience, Cultivating Emotional Intelligence by Linda Lintier, M.A.
  • Meditation and the Spiritual Life of Children by Deepak Chopra
  • 9 Strategies for Discipline that Builds Healthy Self Esteem by Chick Moorman & Thomas Haller
  • How to be a More Present Parent : 5 Activities to Practice Mindfulness with Your Child by Jeannine Proulx
  • Mikki Willis: A Father’s Message that Crossed the Globe
  • Aromatherapy: Nature’s Fragrant Pharmacy by Steffany Kaminski
  • Children & Stress—Why What we Don’t Know Can Hurt the Whole Family By Allan Hunter
  • Teen Friendships—Why They’re So Important and What to Do When Things Go Wrong by Maggie Dent
  • The Gift of Creativity: Reframing Symptoms, Exercising Ingenuity by Dr. Lara Honos-Webb
  • Raising Healthy Kids with a Plantpowered Lifestyle Approach by Rich Roll & Julie Platt
  • A Safe Shot Strategy for Parents Who Choose to Vaccinate by Lauren Feder, MD
  • Blueprints for Success—Your Child’s Personal Learning Styles by Mariaemma Pellulo-Willis, M.S.
  • Animating All Students—How Cartoon Characters are Helping Children in the Classroom
  • Dipping into the Real Fountain of Youth by Diane Nichols, M.A.
  • Parenting Commitment Quiz: How Committed are You to Raising Caring, Confident, Responsible Children? By Chick Moorman & Thomas Haller



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