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Strategies for Communicating Effectively With A Child That’s Being Bullied By Tisha Marina Bernard

A few reasons kids do not tell their parents when they are being bullied are: Have thoughts that no one will believe.
If a kid has reported bullying to a teacher or parent and been told, “Get over it, toughen up or kids will be kids”, that may very well be the last time they report an incident. Kids themselves often don’t know that rumors and verbal mistreatment is a form of bullying. The repercussion of this can be that a child believes their problem is not really a problem and needs to just work it out on their own. As a result, they stay quiet since they feel that sharing wouldn’t do any good.

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Understanding Bullying in the Digital Age by Tisha Marina Bernard

Bullying used to start at the beginning of the school day and end at the final bell. It now it happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. For the last eight years, I have traveled the nation as a Bully Prevention specialist and taught students and teachers ways to identify and stop bullying in their schools. In this time period, I have watched the problem grow bigger and bigger every year.

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Conversations with My Soul Self: Empowering Stories for Children Facing Everyday Situations by Anaya Carroll

My name is Emma. When I was about eight years old, which is a few years ago now, I was a fairly normal kid, except for the fact I couldn’t stand the way some of my clothes felt on my skin. This led to some rather spectacular emotional meltdowns, (some people called them tantrums, especially if they occurred in public). I felt bad about myself and thought there must have been something wrong with me. I worried about it a lot.

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