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Introducing Meditation to Children By Sarah Wood

children love meditation—it allows them to use their creative imaginations without limitation. Although they might be sitting still, their minds are in Technicolor overdrive at a level many grownups have forgotten is possible.

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Mindfulness Moments for Parent and Child: Flower Breathing by Jeannine Proulx

Daily life can be so busy. Taking time to slow down and appreciate the precious moments with your child can be tough when you are going in a thousand different directions! These short videos show how you can take the activities you already do with your child and create a lasting mindful moment, allowing you both to slow down and appreciate the times you have together.

Do you know how to do Flower Breathing? Taking a walk, a stroll through the flower section at the store, or visiting a botanical garden can all become Mindful Moments with your child by taking a moment and a breath to enjoy the beauty of the flowers!

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