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Parents Coaching Skills – A Life-Changing and Innovative Technique to Add Value by Dr. Caron Goode

They say a good teacher is a life-long learner. Learning adds value to what you do. As a counselor, a teacher, a nurturer, or a social worker, you need to look for new challenges that can help you broaden your knowledge and expand your skill set. You should go for options that help you add [...]

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Identifying Your Child’s Interactive Style and Emotional Connections by Dr. Caron Goode

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What Your Preschooler Learns by Playing by Dr. Caron Goode

Activities That Help Your Preschooler Learn
Each of the above categories develop through a variety of activities. Some overlap and some are very specific. Once you identify what skill your child is practicing you can determine what he is learning and how to help him apply his knowledge.

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PREVIEW: What Your Preschooler Learns by Playing by Dr. Caron Goode

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7 Steps to Teach Children to Manage Stress by Dr. Caron B. Goode

Traditionally, childhood is a time of carefree summers spent with best friends, trips to amusement parks and Saturday matinees at the movies. But for many children, it's also a time of great stress. In fact, stress—those overwhelming feelings of doubt about ourselves or our ability to handle things—is as common in children as adults. The [...]

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Enhancing Your Child’s Emotional Health by Dr. Caron B. Goode

How can you influence your child’s emotional health in a positive way and minimize those emotions known to affect mental and physical health adversely? The following facts go against some of our preconceived notions of child rearing. Yet they certainly demonstrate ways in which emotions influence children. A report from the National Center for Clinical [...]

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