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Parents as Emissaries of Peace by Dr. Marsha Tongel and Tisha Marina Bernard

  It seems that every day we are bombarded by stories and pictures depicting war, violence, rage, and unrest. Within this consistent chaos, it is often difficult to find an oasis of peace, yet never before is it more important for our children and youth to see that there is pathway, a possibility to actualize […]

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Bullying: A Different Perspective & How We Can Be a Part of the Solution  by Tisha Marina Bernard

 Somebody asked me the other day, “What is wrong with kids these days?” They had seen on the news a story about some kids relentlessly bullying another kid on the school bus. As an educator, I get asked this question a lot. I work with an organization called Safe School Ambassadors as a Bully Prevention Specialist [...]

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Strategies for Communicating Effectively With A Child That’s Being Bullied By Tisha Marina Bernard

A few reasons kids do not tell their parents when they are being bullied are: Have thoughts that no one will believe.
If a kid has reported bullying to a teacher or parent and been told, “Get over it, toughen up or kids will be kids”, that may very well be the last time they report an incident. Kids themselves often don’t know that rumors and verbal mistreatment is a form of bullying. The repercussion of this can be that a child believes their problem is not really a problem and needs to just work it out on their own. As a result, they stay quiet since they feel that sharing wouldn’t do any good.

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