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The Dalai Mama Chronicles – 7 Steps to Cultivate a Mama’s Meditation Practice by Wendy Silvers

The New Year brings with it an energy of newness … the invitation to begin anew

And, it’s right on time, isn’t it? Surveys show that resolutions are made and broken by the third week in January. Which is why I invite my clients to set intentions rather than resolutions. Intentions are more intuitive rather than linear. And, truly, it’s the listening to your intuition that will assure you a life informed by meaningful rather than must do. Here’s a quick spiritual hack to help you stay on track – keep your attention on your intention to achieve what you would like to experience.

So, here you are. The kids go back to school. Schedules become regular again. You have a golden opportunity to set in motion a life of peace, freedom, and prosperity.

My invitation to you is to begin this year by cultivating a practice of Meditation.

I’ve been meditating for 32 years. It helps calm my sometimes racing mind, soothe my finely tuned nervous system and brain. It’s been a saving grace to help me be neutral with my husband and daughter. When my now almost 18-year old was a baby and toddler, I would hold her on my lap. As she grew, I would invite her to sit with me. I made it a game.

Not only that, to expand your consciousness, the greatest and most effective tool is meditation. Consistent meditation practice amplified my intuitive faculties and is a staple for my psychic/spiritual mediumship practice. I do not leave home without making sure I’ve tuned in.

Like prayer, meditation is the most powerful wireless technology that exists. And, it’s free.

The only requirements are an open mind and heart and the willingness to be a beginner each time you meditate. I suggest keeping water nearby to help keep you hydrated and a journal so you can document what you receive in the stillness.

You, Mama, are the glue that holds your family together. .The heart of the hearth and family. You must place the oxygen mask on your face first so that you are full inside rather than running on fumes, breathing fire on your children and loved ones, burning out your adrenals.

Mamas: Meditation is your sacred medicine and Superpower

For many years, I have had a vision of a million mamas plus uniting in meditation around the world and establishing an energetic field of peace and calm for themselves, their children and the world community. I have led meditation to large and small groups of women and mothers and it completely shifts energy. You can feel the calm settle in the air.

But, let’s go from global to your very own family. To be the best mom, partner, change agent and prosperous mama, remember this: You cannot give from an empty well.

You must anchor peace within you so you can support another. You can do this by simply starting where you are placing no pressure on yourself.



Here Are 7 Steps To Cultivate A Mamas Meditation Practice:

  1. Begin with what I call the, Take 5:
    a. 5 minutes upon awakening in the morning.
    b. 5 minutes before closing your eyes to sleep.
  2. Make sure your spine is straight without being rigid. You can sit in an easy chair or even in your parked car with your feet on the ground. You can sit up in your bed, or, if you must, lay on your bed.
  3. Bring your attention to your heart.
  4. Take 3 deep breaths. Breathe in deeply, filling up your entire body, hold a few extra seconds at the top of the breath and then exhale. Then breathe normally, still with your awareness on your heart.
  5. Imagine you are breathing through your heart.
  6. Do the, Take 5 practice for 4 weeks. Then increase your meditation time by 5 minutes until you are meditating for 30 minutes a day.
  7. Your mind will try to distract you with all sorts of thoughts popping in. Imagine white fluffy clouds. Place these thoughts on the clouds and let them float out of your awareness. I promise you that anything important will come back to you.

There are many different forms of meditation – sitting as described above, sitting on a meditation pillow, guided meditations, walking, Sufi dancing, Tai Chi. Perhaps you have to ease into the practice of sitting meditation. Or, change up your practice if you’re a seasoned meditator.

It matters not what your preferred meditation is, only that you do it.

Dance is one of my favorite meditative practices. Make a note to yourself: most important is that there be no shred of self-judgment.

Imagine this: Meditation is a priceless gift you give to yourself and your family. The more you practice it, the more you will find yourself calmer, freer and in touch with your inner wisdom.

Set an intention for 2019 that you will turn away from the outer world of doing, doing, doing. That is the masculine way of doing things. It doesn’t have a place in your meditation. Meditation allows you to connect with the Divine Mother wisdom within you.

> Prioritize going within.

> Nurture your dreams and visions.

> Make a pledge to yourself that you will nurture the awakening of the ancient feminine wisdom by turning within regularly.

> Be a good steward of your heart and soul so you can tend to your children’s with spaciousness and kindness.

Say YES to the fullest expression of your freedom and prosperity.

The benefits of meditation far outweigh any resistance that may bubble up. And, when resistance rises, it’s okay. Just breathe.

And, keep returning to the practice.

Simply, Be, and then Do.

If you would like to contact Wendy Silvers regarding Awakened Mother Meditation instruction and would like to be one of the Million Mamas Meditating, email:



WENDY SILVERS guides moms and changemakers in awakening to their wisdom, power, and prosperity.

A licensed Spiritual Life Coach/Counselor, Speaker, and Teacher, she is the founder of the Million Mamas Movement, and a published co-author of the International bestselling book, Balance for Busy Moms.

She received the American Riviera Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014, has produced, hosted., and spoken at live largescale events such as Bhakti Fest, Birth 2012, Agape International Spiritual Center, Conscious Living Expo and Green Festival, and shared stages with Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Panache Desai, Shajen Joy Aziz, Sister Jenna and others.

Wendy has 30+ years of experience in the 12-Step Recovery Movement, Spiritual Counseling, Parent coaching, Child development, Entertainment PR and Sacred Activism.

Instagram:  @WendySilvers | @DalaiMamaChronicles
Facebook:   @WendySIlvers  | Twitter: @WendySilvers  | YouTube: @WendySilvers