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The Heart of the Matter by Sandra Fay Hoover

G rowing up in Birchwood Forest was not easy and Feely didn’t always believe in Love. He felt no one listened to him and his family called him a pest. Well, I know exactly how Feely feels. I’ve felt that way too. And yes, he may be a bug but young Feely was not a pest. He just wasn’t content with crawling through life. He wanted more. He wanted to fly!

How do I know this? As I discovered in my life, we all live in a kind of Birchwood Forest where we’ve been exposed for eons, to ideas of who and what we should be. Through this process, we often lose our connection to our authentic selves, our innocence and the power of love that lives within our heart.

As Feely discovered, often what is left are very discouraged and uninspired souls who, like Feely, spend much of their lives searching for something more without adequate skills or tools to navigate through the sea of emotions on their lives’ journey here on earth.

Synchronistically on his journey, Feely meets up with Fletcher, the wise old schnauzer, who guides him back to the heart of the matter and highest essence of pure love and innocence. It is from this place of innocence, or inner-sense as I like to call it, that Feely remembered we are all created of love and for love. With this knowledge, Feely’s heart began to glow from within so much so that I could only describe it as Bloominous!

“It starts with Love,” says Feely the Bug.

As a child growing up in a turbulent home, much like Feely’s, I know firsthand what it was like having to deal with the pain and frustration of not feeling loved, understood or to barely have my feelings heard. Like Feely, many times I was just left with a bunch of mixed feelings swirling through my brain and body feeling discouraged, and not knowing what to do. I was not as brave as Feely to leave home and figured it was best to just keep to myself. I hoped these feelings would calm down and leave me alone but they never did, they can’t!

I believe much of the violence, anger, and unhappiness we see today stems directly from deep childhood wounds. You see, many of these wounds begin in childhood long before children even have the vocabulary to identify or put words to their feelings. Feelings need to be expressed and understood so children can move forward freely into adulthood, unencumbered by their experiences through life.

According to Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D. in their book The Whole-Brain Child, “The drive to understand why things happen to us is so strong that the brain will continue to try making sense of an experience until it succeeds.” Left alone, in the dark recesses of our hearts and minds, these unexpressed feelings just sit there. However, these emotional wounds do not sit quietly. The emotional energy builds only to explode at the worst times and in the worst ways from adolescence into adulthood. These feelings demand our attention.

Now, stop and take a moment to imagine a world where our children live from their authentic power—a power that comes from within, and on purpose—as a source of light to the world. Imagine they believe in themselves and follow their heart’s guidance. Really breathe that in and feel what that would be like!

It is crucial as a society that we learn how to create a safe place and space for children to express their feelings so they can make sense of their experiences.

We are at a crossroads in our collective evolution, on the brink of an awakening and the time is now to create a bridge between the worlds of our head and heart. I believe our heart lies at the center of our being for a reason and is a powerful conductor of energy and light. A HearthMath Institute resource “The Mysteries of the Heart” states, “the human heart’s magnetic field can be measured up to several feet away from the body.” and “your heart emits electromagnetic fields that change according to your emotions?” These statements confirm that how we feel is directly related to the energy we emanate.

As Feely learned, on his journey through Fletcher’s Fun House, his thoughts are like magnets. “You’re the director and you’re the actor, make a new choice that’s a better attractor. Tune in-to your thinking, drop into your heart, connect with the feeling and make a new start,” Fletcher reminds Feely.

It is crucial as a society that we learn how to create a safe place and space for children to express their feelings so they can make sense of their experiences. In this way, even negative or traumatic experiences can be dealt with and integrated into our evolution rather than locked away in the dark corners of the heart and mind.

With the tools Feely and Fletcher provide, children can learn to go directly to the heart of the matter and effectively deal with all the feelings that they experience, give them attention and love and then release them. This is the missing piece to bridging the worlds of the head and heart and critical to the well-being of our children through social and emotional literacy. From this place, children can move through life effortlessly, even in the darkest storms.

It is time to give our children back their wings. It is time to make a choice for Love. We are bursting at the seams and ready to shine in all our brilliance and magnificence. As Feely now knows and I truly believe each child is born on purpose, with purpose and fully equipped to bloom in their own time. Children are here to bring their unique gifts to the world. Just like a garden, with nurture and love, each child will grow and glow into the full expression of their inner light.

The Sufi mystic Rumi says, “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” Join with Feely, Fletcher and the Bloominous® bunch and find your own inner Feely on this mystical, magical journey. Let’s grow and glow to create a new and Bloominous® World together!


SANDRA FAY HOOVER is the author and illustrator of Feely the Bug: A Mystical Journey. She is the Founder and CEO of Bloominous® World, a multi-media company dedicated to empowering children to live in harmony with their authentic selves and always follow their heart!

As a student of metaphysics for over 20 years, Sandra dreams of a world where expression is encouraged, talents are treasured, and children of all ages are loved and nurtured for who they are from the time they are born. As the mother of two grown children, she uses her own life history as a springboard for the understanding and imagination necessary to bring out the very best in herself and every little bug she encounters.

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