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ONE PURPOSE – Inspiring and Empowering Families and Children

As research from the new fields of epigenetics and social neuroscience is confirming, everything in nature is connected. Thus everything we think, say, do and experience, has a real and lasting impact on everything around us, most especially our children—even as they are forming in the womb… and before that.

We are fortunate to live in a time when technological advances have enabled us to uncover the answers to many questions about the nature of humanity, life, and the development of the human brain, personality and psyche.

Never before have we had so much information available to help us understand the myriad subtle influences that shape children’s development – from their happiness, health, personality, resourcefulness and IQ to their beliefs about themselves and the world around them, which ultimately inform their attitudes, responses and behavior. And never before have we had so many resources to draw upon to help us make intelligent, informed choices as to how best to inspire and empower our children and us to achieve our full potential on every level INSPIRED PARENTING’s purpose is to deliver this critical information to busy parents, families and caregivers in a relevant, and easy to understand manner. 

ONE PASSION – Educating the Hearts of Families and Children

There’s no denying that academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities are central components in a child’s upbringing. But as neuroscience is revealing, it’s the social and emotional aspects of learning—their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – that determine a child’s happiness, security and future success in life far more than physical prowess, educational accomplishments or IQ.

New research into brain development, attachment and the impact of stress in utero confirms that pregnancy through age five are the most formative years in children’s lives. Good social and emotional skills are critical in healthy personal development. They build resilience and a positive sense of self while reducing the likelihood of engaging in risky or anti-social behavior. They also support educational achievement, employment and earnings, and relationships in later life. Studies show that when children do not get these advantages, they do not fare as well as their more advantaged peers. Strong social and emotional skills and the ability to handle their feelings well derive from a loving, supportive family and a breadth of positive experiences in childhood.

Families are the bedrock of society, as well as the best place for nurturing happy, capable, resourceful and emotionally balanced children.

We believe that all children have the potential to succeed and deserve the opportunity to go as far as their talents can take them. Inspired Parenting’s passion is to empower and inspire families and caregivers to achieve their full potential in every possible arena.

ONE PROMISE – Principles and Profit

Inspired Parenting’s promise to its readers:

—To empower children by providing the adults around them with fun, engaging, informative opportunities to move beyond their own and society’s cultural conditioning to perceive and interact with children in fully conscious and empowering new ways.

—To support, inform and empower families, educators and caregivers by creating a trusted and authoritative resource for the latest insights and research on raising physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy, happy, resilient, conscientious and caring children.

In short, INSPIRED PARENTING focuses on leading edge articles on topics that other magazines don’t or can’t provide the truth about, for fear of alienating potential advertisers. So if you’re interested in learning more about your children’s brilliant brain’s, their tender hearts, sensitive souls, courageous spirits, and the myriad external factors that impact their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing…