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Who We Are


The Inspired Parenting Team


JUDY JULIN is the CEO of WOW Imagined, Inc., an educational 501(c)(3) offering intergenerational community enrichment that is redefining the way the world learns, plays and works together. She is a gifted entrepreneur, creative thinker and marketing dynamo who’s been active in child enrichment, educational innovations and children’s wellness programming since 1982.

A pioneer in developing schools, community learning centers and programs that cultivate the connection between intellectual development, social and emotional growth, physical health, and spiritual awareness, she helped to open the first of 3 centers in Mumbai India in 2013, and was featured alongside Olivia Newton-John in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success DVD.


CATHY HAMMONS is an actress, a writer, editor, film producer, a social media enthusiast & tech specialist who has spent the last ten years at Agape International Spiritual Center working directly with Leon Campbell, Jr. in the Youth and Family Division serving over 1,200 families a month. At Agape, Cathy’s responsibilities include lead curriculum developer, event coordinator, operations manager, parent liaison and master teacher trainer. Inspired Parenting is thrilled to have Cathy, her knowledge about youth of all ages, her parent whisperer expertise and her ebullient spirit lead IP media as interim editor-in-chief.


SUE DECARO is a mother of two, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, educator, and motivational speaker who is focused on conscious living and parenting. She is a writer, trainer and co-founder of Building Connected communities. Sue holds a BA in Psychology and has had writings featured in USA Today’s best-selling book and various online publications and magazines. She has presented at events featuring Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Anita Moorjani, Don Miguel Ruiz, and John O’Sullivan. Sue has been an invited guest on a number of radio shows and podcasts.  She has also appeared on The Dr. Nandi Show.

As a coach, Sue supports parents and families worldwide in navigating through life’s daily challenges. While integrating education, consciousness, and coaching, Sue helps individuals to grow and thrive. Sue’s passion is helping people to deeply connect to themselves, to their children, and of course, the world around them, creating a brighter future. While all these experiences are important, perhaps the most relevant experience is Sue’s experience as a mother. As someone who has experienced challenges of her own in raising children, Sue is able to relate to and bring compassion and understanding to her clients and their experiences.


DEB COYLE has an extensive expertise in the conference and event space. She is recognized expert in sales, marketing. strategic planning, project management, operation and account relations. “Your average opera isn’t over till the diva trills her high notes.” Our kind-hearted Diva sings her delightful song of conscious collaboration, creative flow and mindfully smooth operations with every issue of Inspired Parenting magazine and every WOW event from planning to beginning to end.


DR. LEON CAMPBELL, JR., is publisher-at-large of Inspired Parenting magazine and director of the Agape Youth and Family Programs at the Agape International Center—one of the largest spiritual communities in the Los Angeles area—where his programming serves more than 1,200 children per month.

In his role with Agape’s youth, his goal is to draw forth the greatness in every child. Leon spearheads the activities, programs, policies and procedures regarding Agape’s children and youth as well as supervises and nurtures other groups and events that fall under the auspices of Youth and Family. He is also responsible for aiding in the development of Agape Youth and Family programs in satellite community centers and affiliate member organizations