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WOW Learning Lab

WOW Program Director Leon Campbell, Jr. on stage with youth during Mindvalley University 2019 in Pula, Croatia

World of Wonder (WOW) Learning Lab is a unique POP UP playground for the spirit, open hearts and eager minds of todays’ youth. Built on 40+ combined years of expertise in the areas of progressive child development, immersive multi-sensory learning environments and events, youth mentoring and mind-body facilitation methods, WOW brings the best of ancient wisdom and modern, brain-based research to each gathering. Culminating in a community service project, individual achievement portfolios, a multi-age performance and youth-produced music video testimonials, WOW promises to engender smiles, wonder and the joy of collaborative, student-driven learning for youth ages 3 – 17.

How, you ask?  By combining various age-appropriate circle talks, small group discussions, gratitude exercises, peer-to-peer learning, social and emotional learning techniques, quiet reflection, nature walks, journaling, movement, yoga, breath-work, music, crafting, art, athletics, creative visualization, give-back initiatives, the best of technology, youth presentations/performance, multi-age mentor-matches with industry leaders and individual learning & discovery stations.

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WOW Learning Lab youth attendees with support staff in 2019

Director of WOW’s Ultimate Joy Department for 2 – 5 year olds from around the globe, Catherine Hammons with guest facilitators from Yoga of Elements, Dawn Geer & Greg Thiry.

Pictured here are the “I Choose Peace” camp graduates with program founder Tisha Marina Bernard receiving their graduation certificates

Pictured here is Director of WOW’s Extraordinary By Design Department for 12-18 year olds facilitating an Effective & Compassionate Communication workshop for parents and support staff at Mindvalley University 2019 in Pula, Croatia.

Who we are

The WOW Collective


WOW Founder and Caretaker of Wonder

Judy is a gifted EDUpreneur, creative thinker, educationalist and marketing dynamo who’s been active in child enrichment, educational innovation and youth & family wellness programming since 1985.


Judy developed and ran Deepak Chopra’s children’s program in 2003-2004 and later founded the child edu-tainment center, which was featured alongside Olivia Newton-John in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success movie. She helped to open the first of 3 centers in Mumbai India in 2013. She is publisher of, a seasoned public speaker, workshop leader, published author and founding member of the social and emotional learning alliance of California (

In addition to her duties as publisher of Inspired Parenting magazine, Judy spends her time producing WOW (World of Wonder) multi-age learning lab events in the US and abroad which promote social and emotional learning, indigenous wisdom practices, systems and design thinking, mindfulness, environmental awareness and fun.

MVU 2019 Pula - Program Director Leon

WOW’s Program Director & Chief Innovation Officer

Leon has been the Director of the Youth and Family Ministry at Agape Internation Spiritual Center since 2004. has one of the largest spiritual youth communities in the country serving over 1,000 children per month.


He has developed a comprehensive youth curriculum featuring original programming encompassing self-expression, creativity, character development, universal principles, sacred rituals and service projects for youth of all ages. He’s traveled to Sri Lanka to work with school children, to Kenya as philanthropic ambassador for youth and to South Korea to support family yoga programming.


WOW’s Chief Development Diva


Deb Coyle an extensive expertise in the conference and event space. She is recognized expert in sales, marketing. strategic planning, project management, operation and account relations.


“Your average opera isn’t over till the diva trills her high notes.” Our kind-hearted Diva sings her delightful song of conscious collaboration, creative flow and mindfully smooth operations with every issue of Inspired Parenting magazine and every WOW event from planning to beginning to end.


WOW Intentional Innovation & Technology Strategist

A successful business owner and former Walt Disney Company & Price Waterhouse executive. Serj has over 23 years experience in business, accounting, audit and administration.

WOW support staff

MVU 2019 Pula - CH II

WOW’s Administrative assistant, program facilitator
and curriculum developer.

Cathy Hammons is an actress, a writer, editor, film producer, a social media enthusiast & tech specialist who has spent the last ten years at Agape International Spiritual Center working directly with Leon Campbell, Jr. in the Youth and Family Division serving over 1,200 families a month.


At Agape, Cathy’s responsibilities include lead curriculum developer, event coordinator, operations manager, parent liaison and master teacher trainer. WOW Learning Lab and inspired Parenting are thrilled to have Cathy, her knowledge about youth of all ages, her parent whisperer expertise and her ebullient spirit involved as a key team member with WOW and with IP media as interim editor-in-chief.

WOW providers:

Bela Kotwani: CEO & Principal International; Director – Kidsology Educare Pvt Ltd., National Committee Member – ECA
Camille Licate’s Kids for Positive Change:
Debbie Bard –
Greg Thiry and Dawn Geer:
Jeannine Proulx:;;
Lucy Nathanson: Child Therapist & Founder of
Maja Watkins:
Dr. Marsha Tongel: LeGACY Wisdom School;
Pathfinders for Peace
Sue DeCaro: Parent and nanny coach
Tisha Marina Bernard:;
Pathfinders for Peace

Who we've worked with:

Projects we've worked on:

WOW was the premier provider for Mindvalley University 2019 ages 2-17 in Pula, Croatia, during a month-long summer camp adventure for 170 youth from 30 different countries.